Milk Does Makeup: Get The Lowdown Here!

We woke up this morning with a hangover, major bedhead, and a pile of laundry. Looking presentable isn’t easy! We run from work to appointments to dinner to parties to afterparties to late night pizza. And then we just might oversleep for work the next day. Maybe. Please don’t tell.

But all of that running around doesn’t exactly leave a lot of time to get ready. We’ve often found ourselves scrambling in the back of a cab, rummaging around for a lipstick that’s sunk to the bottom of a distressingly full purse. We needed some help. And that’s what Milk Makeup is here to do.

Milk Makeup is the first product that Milk Studios has launched in its twenty-year history. “I think it’s an extension of who we are,” says Mazdack Rassi, founder of Milk Studios. “We really built it off the girls and boys who roll through Milk and call it their home.”

The makeup is light and airy, giving you just enough coverage to look polished, without being overdone. Let that skin breathe! Accordingly, the packaging is sleek and minimal, and the goods are paraben-free, vegan, and extremely eco-conscious. It’s designed for the Milk Girl–who truly doesn’t even have to be a girl (like we’ve said before, gender is soooooooo 2014). 

So, who is that Milk Girl? As fashion editor Zanna Roberts Rassi, co-founder of the line, says, the Milk Girl is “cool, fun, creative, smart, playful, unique, ambitious, inspired, quick, and empowered.” She’s the kind of girl who probably only has time for makeup when she’s riding on the subway, or even going up an escalator (true story). Georgie Greville, the creative director of Milk Makeup, describes her as kind of a rebel. “Debbie Harry in the CBGB days was a huge inspiration,” she said. “Her effortless, punk kind of glamour felt very Milk Girl to me. It’s not about how perfectly you apply your eyeliner. It’s about your lifestyle, and electricity as a person.”

Revered makeup artist Frank B. created looks for the line, and he started by practicing on himself. “For a boy who was straight but wearing makeup at fifteen, I have always believed that makeup wasn’t for a single gender,” he said. It’s a great example of how a Milk Girl can be anyone, from anywhere. They’re not just at Milk Studios, or just in New York and LA. As Rassi says, “The Milk Girls are in Ohio, they’re in Indiana, they’re in Utah, they’re in Montana. This girl feels like the world is her oyster, and that she has room to grow.”

Milk has been a New York institution for decades, and now it’s coming to you.  These Milk Girls are all around us. And we think that they’re ready for some makeup.

Milk Makeup launches on February 8th. Learn more here

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