Iris Apfel Designs Wearable Tech That's Actually Chic

When thinking of fitness trackers, style doesn’t usually come to mind. In fact, quite the opposite. Fashion people tend to hide their FitBits and whatnot, because aesthetically, they’re kind of depressing. However, an unexpected new competitor just entered the field, putting a fashionable spin on the tech world. At the age of 94, glorious icon Iris Apfel teamed up with the tech company WiseWear to design a line of fitness trackers. Apfel confessed to Mashable that she’s never worn a fitness tracker before, but felt that there is “a definite need for this, because there are a lot of people who won’t run around doing business looking like they are going to the gym.”

The fitness trackers, by Wisewear, are disguised as bracelets with a metallic, minimalist design. The chic factor upped the price factor–these bracelets are retailing for $300. Like an Apple Watch, they’re cute AF, and also receive your emails and texts. But none of these features are what drew Apfel to collaborate with WiseWear. The company was actually striving to create a sexy and stylish version of Life Alert, an emergency service for the elderly. This way, if you fall in your heels and can’t get up, you can still look fabulous. Apfel feels the same way, “If a technology is going to strive to save my life, then at least take the next step to make me look good while doing it.”

So kewt.

The fashion icon won’t just stop at bracelets. Apfel hinted to Tech Times that future wearable tech projects could also include necklaces and belt buckles. If only our grannies were as tech-savvy.

The three styles of bracelets for $300 on WiseWear’s website.

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