Ollies meet Ozzy in Supreme x Black Sabbath collaboration.



Is Supreme's Black Sabbath Collab Making Rock Relevant Again?

Supreme has swept back the curtains on their deal with the devil, showcasing their limited run of Black Sabbath inspired hoodies, t-shirts, denim coats, and fitted caps. There’s also a throw rug that would scare off neighbors everywhere. Prices pending, the diverse lineup is sure to please metalheads when it releases on March 31st.

An image from the lookbook for the Supreme x Black Sabbath collaboration.

Supreme’s latest collaboration continues streetwear’s trend towards metal and rock. Early last year, Supreme released an advertisement with Morrissey, the original sadboy rocker. (In typical Morrissey fashion, he was not pleased with the whole ordeal.) Meanwhile, street brand Midnight Studios have long flirted with post-punk aesthetics, branding their sweatshirts with bands like Sinister and Public Image Ltd. Skate brands have merged streetwear with six strings for decades, back when Tony Hawk and the X Games inspired fanboyish adoration.

Midnight Studios' Sinister Hoodie
Midnight Studios’ Sinister Hoodie.

Of course, the clothes follow the art, and hip-hop music itself has shifted towards punk and metal soundscapes. G.O.O.D. Music signee HXLT shed his hip-hop sound for a more full-bodied blend of rap, rock, and punk. Waka Flocka Flame claimed that he was the first punk rapper. And groups like Death Grips and (now defunct) Odd Future imbue their shows with off-the-wall moshing—barely contained violence that recalls the heyday of rock.

Odd Future looking not sweaty at all at Trash Talk’s show at 285 Kent.

Revivalism and streetwear are as interlocked as hip-hop and rock. That’s the appeal of fashion—once the style has lost its luster, one can either thrift it off for that new-new look, or play the waiting game until it inevitably becomes cool again. Supreme x Black Sabbath is just the latest example of old school cool brought back to the fore. Get in line hella early and be careful not to blow out your amps when the collab drops later this week.

Images via Highsnobiety, Midnight Studios, Instagram.

Stay tuned to Milk for more coveted collaborations. 

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