It shouldn't be a surprise that the man who once tried to ban dildos is now claiming that transgender rights threaten children.



Is Ted Cruz Transphobia's Poster Boy?

So far, the GOP presidential race has been a bumpy ride, like an oversized Hummer with worn out shocks, dragging empty beer cans behind its tail. With each passing Super Tuesday, Donald Trump traipses closer to victory, threatening to segment a Republican party suffering from an identity crisis befitting of a My Super Sweet Sixteen episode. In order to stave off the coming Trump-ocalypse, moth balls Ted Cruz and John Kasich have teamed up to keep Trump from the 1,237 delegates needed for an uncontested nomination. It’s the worst heroic alliance since Batman v. Superman singed our retinae last month, with Cruz supporting Kasich in Oregon and New Mexico, and Kasich helping Cruz in Indiana. That’s right, unleavened Pillsbury Doughboy Ted Cruz is now Indiana’s only hope for a Trump-less run. Is it time for an all-expenses-paid Cruz to the White House?

Cruz caught daydreaming of presidency.
Cruz caught daydreaming of presidency.

No. Let’s pump the brakes on this gas-guzzler—do Hummers have brakes?—because Ted Cruz should never be your second pick. Not in a presidential election and especially not in a pickup basketball game. Cruz’s latest political jockeying has cast him as the voice of the politically incorrect, because, apparently, Trump and his fandom are too soft-spoken. Unfortunately for humanity, the issue that Cruz has decided to pivot on is transgender rights.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Cruz, who once argued that dildos should be banned, also argues that transgender rights threaten children. In a recent attack ad, Cruz lays out his logic-less argument, which states that transgender people want to use the bathroom in order to prey on kids. It’s some scarlet letter bullshit, of course. There are no numbers to back his claims, but, my God, won’t someone think of the children?! Are you thinking about them? Of your daughter, and your wife? Cruz’s fear-mongering runs off of misogyny, transphobia, and illogical claims—the Holy Trinity of Stupid. But, who needs facts to make claims? After all: Ted Cruz smells like potpourri and kitty litter.

Unlike the general populace, Cruz does not balk in the face of his own face. Instead, he doubles down on transphobia. At the holy site of Lebanon, Indiana, Cruz took his stand: “Let me make things real simple: Even if Donald Trump dresses up as Hillary Clinton, he shouldn’t be using the girls’ restroom.” To be fair to him, Cruz did make the situation very simple. The problem arises when issues of human rights call for a level of intelligence beyond the slow pace of Cruz control.

Cruz insists that “grown adult men should not be alone in a bathroom with little girls,” an argument irrelevant to whether or not the transgender community should be allowed the dignity to go to the bathroom that corresponds with the gender they identify with. His egregious fear-mongering frames the bathroom as an illicit place. Sorry transgender community, sorry single parents whose kids are a different gender, sorry human complexity—Cruz’s coven of Bible thumpers are dead set on casting the world as evil.

So while Trump has made a mad-dash to center, toning down his motor-mouth while claiming that “being presidential is easy,” Cruz has decided to go all-in on the religious right by playing up his transphobia. Just yesterday, Cruz’s team threw out a 16-year-old attending a rally because he was draped in the pink and blue flag that represents transgender identity. We get that the GOP is scared of Trump, but it should be just as terrified of Ted Cruz—a man who froze Congress, whose anti-LGBT rhetoric is indicative of a rising tide of hatred across the nation, and who may or may not be the Zodiac Killer.

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