Ok well maybe there's not real alien DNA in us, but it's not human.



New Research Finds Alien DNA In Humans: The Truth Is Out There

While scientists have been able to map out the DNA of humans thanks to the Human Genome Project, recently they’ve noticed that parts of the human genome aren’t actually of human origin. We were already nervous after Bill Clinton backed the project and spawned a conspiracy theory about alien relations. Now that alien DNA has been thrown into the mix, we’re downright horrified. 

In all seriousness, in a recent research paper, the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences wrote that the human genome has at least 19 pieces of ancient viral DNA. Complete genetic strands of this mystery DNA were found in 2 percent of the people who were tested in the study. And while these genome strands are almost certainly not from humans, they may not actually be from aliens either, as some are arguing that they’re actually genetic fragments from ancient viruses. These DNA strands are called “HERVs,” and apparently make up approximately eight percent of human DNA.

the flat worm that started it all, and by "it all" I mean the human race
The flat worm that started it all, and by “it all,” I mean the human race.

Some believe that these ancient DNA strands come from our “chordate ancestors.” Google “chordate ancestors,” and you get a photo of a Platyhelminthes, also known as a flat worm, that looks like a slithering pool noodle. It’s really as close to an alien as we’re going to get. We still have HERVs in our DNA because the ancient viruses chose these pool noodle-y flat worms to be their hosts, after which the viral genetics were then embedded into DNA strands. When the pool noodle snakes reproduced, their offspring became carriers for the affected viral DNA. These everlasting strands have been passed down for millions of years, and if their continued presence in human DNA is any indication, they influence evolution . Perhaps they’re the key to immortality? Only time will tell.

Photos via Shaun The Sheep and haikudeck.

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