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Isa Arfen's Blissed Out Tropical Rave

Walking into Isa Arfen’s presentation at The Standard, High Line, we immediately felt at ease. The atmosphere was one of comfort as the crowd happily, languidly strolled about the Highline Room. The clothes were perfect for a tropical vacation, with bright colors and slouchy silhouettes. Dresses tied off the shoulder with giant bows reminded us of something an Old Hollywood starlet might wear in the French Riviera, while short suits with a grid print looked like a version of The 400 Blows starring computer programmers. We especially loved the dresses and skirts featuring ruffles in a zig-zag shape, which were similar to Carmen Miranda if she had gone through a paper shredder. We caught up with designer Serafina Sama – Isa Arfen is an anagram of her name – to get her thoughts on the new collection.

What inspired the collection? 

It’s about travel, adventure, escapism, freedom, and sense of ease. It’s a bit of a tropical rave.

I like that. Is it inspired by any particular place that you’ve traveled to?

No, it’s more the idea of escaping than one particular place. There was a bit of Bali influence, some Indonesian influence, but it’s also more the feel of escaping and adventure.

I love the silhouettes with the cascading ruffles. Is that something you’ve worked with before?

It’s very much a part of my aesthetic, this relaxed glamour. Decadence but in a relaxed way, this idea of non precious eveningwear. The more elaborate pieces like the cascading ruffles are cut in very relaxed and non precious materials.

How are you going to celebrate now that you’re done?

Sleep! First a drink and then sleep!

Check out the Isa Arfen cheat sheet here

Photography by Mitchell McLennan, and Christine Hahn

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