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It's F*cking Cold Out: A Wish List of Places We'd Rather Be

The chill has descended upon NYC and we’re bracing ourselves for another winter season ahead. On our holiday wish list this year? Getting the hell outta town!

To drum up some inspo (and take our minds off the current wintry brisk enveloping our city), we rounded up a few ideal spots for soaking up the sun and hanging poolside. Here’s hoping actual plane tickets will arrive shortly. Until then…

Always the first to dive in (📷: #narelleautio)

A photo posted by Milk (@milk) on

Wavy baby.

Miami, we miss you. Is it too late to patch things up? Asking for a friend.

Tired but low key missing #Miami (📷: @mariotestino)

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Never enter a pool sans floatie.

Adventure waits (📷: @thelostexplorer)

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Our desert dreams are within reach (fingers crossed).

Image via Mario Testino 

Stay tuned to Milk for more dispatches from the NYC arctic. 

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