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It’s Finally Spring, So Look At Tons Of Gorgeous Cherry Blossoms

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the impossible has happened: winter is finally fucking over. Put away your wearable sleeping bags and those incapacitating gloves, and get out the cute denim jackets and your grandma’s muumuus–spring is upon us! It’s supposed to be in the 70s this week in New York, and frankly, that’s nothing short of a miracle. And if this is a lie, then screw you Mother Nature. We want to celebrate our escape from the brutal depths of winter, and what says spring more than some bold cherry blossoms? We know, florals for the spring. Groundbreaking.

Tokyo’s Inokashira Park isn’t just known for their beautiful cherry blossoms: they’re known for their outrageous amount of beautiful cherry blossoms. Photographer Danilo Dungo spends a lot of time at the park, especially when cherry blossoms come into season. His vivid photographs depict the abundant cherry blossoms from several unique angles, allowing us to get a clear view of the trees and the pink tinted river. It looks like it came straight out of a animated Disney dreamland. And while we look for flights to Tokyo for the next cherry blossom season, we collected the best of Dungo’s photos from the past couple years for you to be hypnotized by.

Images via Danilo Dungo and Colossal

Stay tuned to Milk for more spring-y goodness.

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