Jaden's safari vest is far from the strangest part of his latest music video.



Jaden Smith Premieres "Fallen," Looks Dope, Vomits

Jaden Smith has a propensity for the cutting edge (remember when he pretended a box of water was a cellphone, had a few dozen existential crises on Twitter, and starred in a Louis Vuitton womenswear ad campaign?) but that’s exactly why we love him—his creativity knows no bounds, and because of that, his projects are always pushing the envelope to deliver something unique and fresh every time. This time, it just so happens to be intermittently spitting verses and vomiting black liquid all over Westworld.

Fallen is shot at the golden hour in late-1800s Calabasas, where we catch this city kid stumbling around an abandoned town with an apparent gunshot wound oozing black-ish blood onto a tee that reads “Flame of Disorder,” kicking up dust with self-lacing Nikes before the vid cuts to a rather aesthetically pleasing sunset over the mesas and mountains behind. 

All in all, the new vid is but a punctuation mark on Jaden’s impressive and memorable—albeit strange—career thus far. Check our fave style moments from videos past below.

FallenScreen-Shot-2016-12-04-at-6.43.05-PMFirst things first: Jaden’s incredible floral leather jacket makes an appearance in this California Fallen scene. Swoon. We’ve seen this jacket before (on the red carpet) but it’s certainly at its best paired with this pink-hued background.

Like This Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 12.35.12 PMJaden and Rich the Kid wear coordinating red and blue scarves and hang by their matching cars in the parking lot for Like This, then go out into the wilderness to roam around and explore nature. In true Jaden form, it’s random but well-executed.

 The Coolestmaxresdefault-2Throwback to summer 2012: Jaden dons a loose tank and matching yellow handkerchief for The Coolest. And while the artist remains mostly the same, we can’t help but notice his hairstyle—super cropped on the sides and sans his signature dreads.

Scarfacejaden-scarfaceShot in Matera, Italy, Scarface is an obvious reflection of Jaden’s current style preference: pared down, sleek, and with a hint of athleisure. Add to that a giant ceramic pitcher-turned-mug, and you’ve another obscure look that mirrors his aesthetic to a T.

Blue Oceanmaxresdefault-3Jaden minimizes even more to his most basic music video look to date: a simple black tee in 2014’s Blue Ocean.

Images via Jaden Smith

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