Girls just wanna vote under the correct voter requirements.



Jared Kushner is Registered to Vote...As a Woman

Don’t worry, Republicans – unlike Ivanka and the rest of old DT’s offspring, Jared Kushner is actually registered to vote…as a woman. According to his publicly accessible 2009 New York state voter information and a report by CNN, the senior advisor to President Trump is registered to vote as a female.

Despite Trump’s claims that roughly 3 to 5 million people voted illegally in the 2016 election (aka how many votes Hillary won the popular vote by), Kushner actually was registered to vote, though the reason why he would gender himself as female is presently unknown. Perhaps it was a computer glitch, or maybe this is an elaborate ruse to make it look like Trump had more support from female voters than he actually did. Either way, it’s fucking hilarious.

Featured image via Vanity Fair

Stay tuned to Milk for more Trump family tomfoolery.

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