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JAXN Is Coming Across The Pond With His Debut Single, "Dosed"

Look out for UK-based singer, songwriter, producer, and creative director,  JAXN, who’s ready to share his brand new aesthetic and versatile sound to the US. After receiving promising industry attention in the UK, JAXN finally released his first single “Dosed”, with the hopes to take his dynamic and unique vision across the globe. Growing up playing over five musical instruments, the UK-based artist is ready to loop his visuals and musical talents with the hopes to showcase unforgettable live performances.

Check out our exclusive interview with the man of many talents, as he talks about his new single “Dosed”, and his break into the US market. 

After receiving promising attention while studying at The British Institute of Modern Music, what made you want to expand your horizons to the US?

All of my friends who’ve listened to my music, all suggested that I try to get it released in the US. Everyone thinks my music is pretty suitable for the US market. I’ve just been releasing as much music as I can and from then I’ve really been getting good feedback.

How has the outcome been?

It’s still super early, but the positivity in which I’m receiving so far has been really amazing.

Your new single “Dosed” came out on March 1, can you tell me a little bit about what makes this song different than your older material?

When I wrote “Dosed”, I didn’t really draw upon anything I did in the past. I like to expand my genres. When I sat down and wrote this, I just wrote down anything that came to me and it ended up sounding completely different than anything I’ve ever done. It added so much variation and style to my music.

So you’re a singer, songwriter, and a producer, how has your upbringing influenced your career today? Did you have any role models or mentors you growing up?

My dad’s a musician. He played in loads of different bands, so growing up, I had access to a bunch of different instruments. I was never asked or forced to play these instruments, but they were just lying around the house. My mom is a yoga teacher, but she has an amazing face in music so she used to play for concerts as well when I was younger. That made me who I am now. I would pick up all the instruments just laying around the house and try my best to learn them. It was part of my environment.

Do you perform all your instruments live?

When I play live, I perform everything live. I’ve only done around four or five shows, but I’ve played in a couple festivals in England. How I play live is that I loop all my samples, and I play keyboard and loop that, then I play guitar and I loop that, and then strings, and I loop that. It’s all based around loops that create this big sound.

The visual and creative elements in your photographs are super unique and definitely define the variation of your music and style. Can you tell me a little about the visuals and what the creative process is like designing them?

The visuals and all the aspects of the project are something that I’ve always loved and always been interested in. I’ve always got an eye for art growing up. I just have it in my head and I don’t know where it comes from to be honest. I’m so into fashion and I am so into art and I love sitting down and listening to songs I write and planning how it’s going to look.

What is the process like creating your own signature style both musically and aesthetically?

I do all the visuals myself, but I do have a lot of friends who study graphic design who I might call up and ask for help or take pictures. I bought loads of films to scan in negatives and manipulate it from there.

Going back to your new single ‘Dosed,’ how are you going to embed all those awesome creative visuals and elements into your live shows?

With time on my side, I do want to get to a point where, when I am playing live, I will be projecting visuals on stage. I made half an hour of visuals to showcase each song, so it’s almost like a film that projects over my music while I play. I think stage design is one of my main focuses in a show. I have to make sure it coincides with my videos and artwork to tell a story. My vision is for the audience to watch me play and really take in all the visuals and for it to feel like a movie that represents who I am as an artist as well.

Images courtesy of JAXN

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