Jeremy Scott Is The First Designer On Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Two nights ago, MADE Fashion Week favorite Jeremy Scott made history as the first designer to have handprints added to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The honor places him amongst iconic celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Meryl Streep. The Moschino Creative Director had his hands printed next to devoted customer, brand face, and friend, Katy Perry, who looked like an Old Hollywood vixen in a silky black dress, in front of the TCL Chinese Theatre.

Scott received the honor due to the release of the documentary Jeremy Scott: The People’s Designerwhich details his incredible journey from farm boy to every rapper’s favorite designer. Yahoo Style quoted theatre officials, who see the milestone as “paying homage to not only filmmakers, but to those whose contributions to all forms of pop culture make their achievements worth noting.” Scott himself was a little less dry, posting on Instagram that he’s “STILL PINCHING [HIMSELF].”

Jeremy Scott stuntin' at MADE Fashion Week.
Scott stuntin’ at MADE Fashion Week.

The documentary follows the designer through a narrative that traces back to his hometown in Missouri. Complex quotes Scott saying, “[People] should know I was born dirt poor… I grew up with very humble beginnings, and I had a dream. I believed in it. I worked hard. I hope people see that.” Scott acts as a tour guide through his own life, hoping that his work will inspire others. He makes fame, the complex and relatively exclusive world of fashion, and the vague concept of ‘following a dream,’ into something a little more palatable.

Jeremy Scott’s name is now cemented in pop culture; a celebrity artist who at once is associated with a brand and brands himself through interdisciplinary pieces, collaborations, hard work, a unique style and relentless self-marketing. The documentary could take fashion to a more personable realm, reflecting the strength of creative portals, a genius artist, and the influence of social media as an unavoidable new-age phenomenon. Scott shows that there is no clear path to success. His journey from farm dirt to Hollywood cement is one we want to keep watching.

Jeremy Scott: The People’s Designer is released on September 18th. Stay tuned for our upcoming interview with documentary director Vlad Yudin.

Image via Evening Standard. 

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