To celebrate NYFW, we asked Jeremy Scott to share some tips and tricks for surviving the week.



Jeremy Scott's Handwritten Notes: Prepping For NYFW

Most Fashion Week veterans are pretty jaded. You can always tell when someone’s been working obscene hours season after season; they’re glued to a coffee cup, there are dark, sunken holes where their eyes should be, and they do not give a fuck (a single solitary fuck) about any show that’s less than obscenely spectacular. But year after year, without fail, Jeremy Scott is a bright, shiny spot in a cigarette smoke-choked storm. Every time we have a chat with him, he’s joyful, excited, and above all, friendly—a term that, when invoked in a fashion context, is about as rare as a red panda. So to see how Scott maintains a sunny outlook during this most stressful of times, we asked him to share a couple tips.


Photo shot exclusively for Milk by Andrew Boyle

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