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Ji Oh Does More With Less [NYFW]

For Ji Oh’s second MADE New York SS17 presentation, the Korean born designer conceived a beautiful and simple collection that jumped off from where she left things last season. With a tri-tone color palette in yellow, black, and white, we were reminded that sometimes less is moreparticularly after seeing some of the outfits the fashion peeps have been rocking this season. Take it from Ji Oh: you don’t need much to look 100.

We Can’t Wait to Wear This…

Sashaying from rooftop party to rooftop party. Comfortable shoes, oversized cuts, and fringe in all the right places will make getting dressed for hot weather insanely easy.


It’s In The Details…

Oh’s simple shoe design, which was a hybrid of moccasins and Mary Janes, was styled to perfection, with ankle-length fishnet socks worn over the entire shoe. Everyone knows an easy way to edge up your look is a little flash of the fish, but this styling is, like A$AP Ferg would say, on a new levelWOOP WOOP.

The Look That Gave Us Life…

The iridescent white trench with a loose black belt, and the matching slouchy wide leg pants. A little bit Patrick Bateman when axing Paul Allen, a little bit Lisa Frank.

Feel The Frizz And Go For It…

Models had hair that was flat and slick on the top, and then cascaded into combed out, mega-frizzy triangle shaped dos. And while it looks like the summer might be officially saying goodbye for 2016, we’ll have to keep this look in mind the next day we encounter NY’s sweltering humidity. We’ve managed to de-stigmatize hairy legs, pits, and bikinis—time to de-stigmatize the Diana Ross-type frizz.

Step It Up…

Following Ji Oh’s first presentation, which included a performance-type piece of models coming in and out of doors, this season’s display had models stepping up and down from cinder block platforms. It made us think of those old-school workout videos, a la Jane Fonda or Olivia Newton John.

Photos by Andrew Boyle

Gif by Bonnie Wang

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