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John Malkovich's New Movie To Be Released in 100 Years

John Malkovich and Robert Rodriguez have teamed up to make another “emotionally charged” film. That pretty much summarizes every movie that John Malkovich has ever been in, ever. But unlike anything on his impressive IMDB page, this film isn’t for you; it’s for your great, great grandchildren. 100 Years was made for the viewing pleasure of those living in the year 2115, hence its ultra blunt-yet-mysterious tagline, “The Movie You Will Never See.” All of it was was funded by the good people of Louis XIII Cognac, where every bottle takes one hundred years to mature to perfection. Like your ex.

So epic cognac and a cool sci-fi flick for our kid’s kid’s kid. Nothing’s made us wish we were John Malkovich this bad since, well, Being John Malkovich.

The concept is based around how totally unpredictable the future is. When doing research for the teasers, Malkovich noted that while many predictions for 2015 were accurate, many more showcased just how bad humanity is at sussing out its own fate. That’s why there are not one, not two, but three different teasers for the project, each one depicting a possibility for life in 2115 starring John and actress Shuya Chang.

Maybe we’ll be under the control of classy robot overlords. Maybe we’ll have to fight our way through tangles of vines and nuclear funk just to get to the nearest movie theatre. Or maybe, just maybe, we’ll have finally ascended into the perpetual world of silver eyeliner and electric hair buns that we at Milk have always dreamed of. Of course, even if this future comes true we’ll have either turned into dust, or else will be shunning the newest generation from the arms of our robotic caretakers. And what would we even call them? The neon gen? Bicentennials? Generation infinity? Here’s your daily dose of existential crisis. 

Keep in mind that none of these have anything to do with the movie’s content. When they said we’d never get to see it, they weren’t fooling around; any and all teasers are simply ads for the future. The film itself is set in the present day, so it’s like a message in a bottle, being cast off into the future.  Who knows? Maybe someone will write back.

A lucky one thousand influential people will be given metal movie tickets, to be passed down through the generations like your grandmother’s wedding dress except totally and completely useless. That is, until 2115, when their great, great, great grandchildren finally get to see what all the hype was about. They’ll kick back with a glass of Louis XIII cognac just as old as the movie, and peek in on us and all our hopes, dreams, and terrible man buns. 

Images via Youtube and Telegraph UK.

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