Jay Boogie is one of over a dozen women and queer performers that are coming together to cure toxic masculinity. Are you in?



Join These Fantastic Femmes In Destroying Toxic Masculinity

From the devastating massacre in Orlando to Donald Trump’s calling his political competitors “weak,” Americans will always have their fair share of toxic masculinity to choose from. Although most tend to recognize only two brand of this dangerous ilk of masculinity—the effeminate man fearful of being judged by his peers and the hyper-masculine, misogynist male—there are a lot more out there. And they’re harming future generations of boys everywhere. Welp.

If you thought there was no cure for this systemic problem, fear not: the organizers behind Femmequerade Ball: a Party to Cure Toxic Masculinity are trying to solve this problem with education and music. The extravaganza, which will feature more than a dozen women and gender queer performers, will take place on Thursday, August 18th, at the Good Room in Brooklyn, New York.

Best. Invite. Ever.

According to the party’s event page, one in three men suffer from toxic masculinity. And while these stats don’t seem to be backed by logical research (and actually hang more on the satirical side), they’re probably not too far off—gender-specific and homophobic crimes occur daily.

The more you know, bro.

To be perfectly clear, not all expressions of masculinity are necessarily bad. But, as the organizers imply, toxic masculinity is a certain variety of virility that specifically aims to dominate and control women and queer bodies. It’s the type of mindset that sees sex as an act of subordination and violence as the epitome of manhood—and it must be washed away.

The event’s invite reads, “We believe that if we lovingly spread a hate of cis masculinity, we can manifest self-love in all [people] through the domination of femmenergy.” The event is furthering this hate by forcibly asking cis white men attending the event to pay three dollars more than everyone else to enter the space. Although we have no idea how the bouncers plan on policing the gender identities of wishful guests—sounds awfully sticky— we’re sure the increased ticket price can be justified by the considerable wage gap that women and the LGBTQ community are consistently subjected to.

Every time feminists talk about toxic masculinity, there seems to be an echoing choir of whiny, white cis-dudes who preemptively believe that their identity is being attacked. If you think the three-dollar additional charge for your entry is discriminatory, don’t attend. For once, this is their space and their rules.

Stay tuned to Milk for more on the dangers of toxic masculinity.

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