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Joyce Wrice on Rottweilers and Usher

Joyce Wrice has an undeniable gravitas that can’t quite be explained. Staying true to her decidedly sunny roots (thanks, California), she’s paying homage to the R&B icons that defined the ’90s, creating a rhythm all her own in the process. The result? Some seriously sultry tracks from her Rocket Science and Stay Around projects that leave us begging for more.

We caught up with the San Diego native on her recent visit to New York for a show at Baby’s All Right, during which we covered all the essentials—car jams, her dog obsession, and Usher (obviously). Read the full interview and peep our exclusive photos above.

Where do you envision people listening to your music?

In the car for sure. That’s one of the best places to listen to music. I envision my music being played while people are getting ready to go out, or even just chillin’, maybe while they’re working on a project.

What’s the music scene out in L.A. like and how does it inspire you?

The music scene in L.A. is everywhere in the sense that there are so many live performances going on, brands having events with artists performing, et cetera.

I moved to LA 3 years ago and have met so many amazing artists and watching their growth inspires me to keep being creative and enjoy the process despite the ups and downs of it all. I developed very close genuine friendships with both male and female artists as well which I’m super happy about. I love how we can write together, share our music, and give each other feedback.

How does it differ from the music scene in New York?

I’m not really familiar with the music scene in New York to be honest. However, when I was communicating with a few artists in NY for my show, everyone was very friendly, helpful, and open. I definitely feel a strong a sense of community in NY. LA is spread out and it’s easy to just kind of be in your own world and isolate yourself.

How was your Baby’s All Right show?

My show was a success! It’s so great how music brings people together. My manager Jasmine and I had to put the line up together and find artists in NY who’d be willing to perform. We ended up having Charlotte Dos Santos, Amy Leon, Abir, Kei Li, and DJ Marcus Rosario and Antbluejr all on the bill. There was some jazz, R&B, electronic sounds, and spoken word throughout the night. Charlotte just moved to NY from Norway actually so having her perform was great because I’ve been a fan and wanted to share her music with my friends and supporters.

Are you into fashion at all? If so, which brands?

I am. I really like Vetements, Giu Giu, Trademark, Phlemuns, and Penny Sage. I also did a photoshoot in LA for a brand called Kahkti which incorporates African and Asian aesthetics into their designs. I wore this beautiful denim dress with little cutouts on the shoulder.

I noticed you’re selling shirts on your website–can you tell us a little bit about that?

Haha, yes! I’m really obsessed with large dogs. I’ve always loved Pitbulls and Rottweilers. Ever since I was little I’ve always wanted a dog and my parents finally decided to get a dog when I moved out of their house. My dad ended up buying my mother a Rottweiler. Her name is Takiyama and she’s such a sweet dog. I came across this vintage German Shepherd tee and took inspiration from that shirt and created my own using Takiyama.

What do you think you’d be doing if you hadn’t pursued a career in music?

I enjoy working with people who have disabilities; I also love working with children. I currently teach English to Japanese American children because their first language is Japanese. I also could see myself working in the music industry. Possibly in artist development or as a manager.

What’s one album that’ll never get old for you?


Who’s someone you’ve always dreamed of working with?

Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis.

What was the first album you ever bought?

Oh man, I think the first CD I ever bought was Usher, My Way.

Anything coming up in the pipeline that you can share with us?

YesI have two singles and a music video coming out with Akashik Records and Stones Throw Records. My friend’s producer, Mndsgn and Kay Franklin are a part of the two tracks, “Rocket Science” and “Play Pretend.” You can order it digitally and also in vinyl format, which I’m super excited about because I love physicals. To have something tangible really enhances the listening experience in my opinion. We will also have cute lavender long sleeves available that we’ve hand tie-dyed ourselves that go with the singles.

Joyce Wrice wearing Procell; shot and interviewed by SMALLMEDIUMLEE.

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