"This song was my fight in terms of the fight or flight response."



Julius Talks His New Single "Talk" and Cultivating His Nostalgic R&B Sound

Julius’s home recipe for a track you can really sink your teeth into? Silky smooth beats, nostalgic vocals, and a songwriting finesse you won’t find anywhere else. This Orange County native had an unconventional start – aka picking up his future managers in an Uber – but the only direction he’s going now is up. MILK.XYZ sat down with Julius to talk his unique approach to R&B and creating music that sounds like what life feels like. Check out the full interview below, and peep Julius’s smooth new single “Talk”.

Your new single “Talk” just dropped – congrats! How are you feeling? What’s the reception been like so far?

Yo, thank you! I’m feeling like a huge weight is off my shoulders…that song means a lot to me so I’m just thankful I got to express that and put it out into the world. The reception has been nothing but love from old listeners and new ones. Humbled and thankful for that.

Can you talk about the inspiration behind “Talk”?

The inspiration behind “Talk” was just being down and out…mentally, spiritually, physically. I could barely pay my bills and I was making a lot of excuses for why I wasn’t truly happy. This song was my ‘fight’ in terms of the ‘fight or flight response’.

Your sound is definitely reminiscent of timeless R&B artists, with a soulful and heartfelt twist. How did you cultivate your sound?

Thank you! Honestly, I just studied and studied some of my favorite artists…listening to their records and even practicing their vocal runs and high notes. I’ve never had vocal coaching but I feel like my favorite records have taught me a lot!

How did you first get into making music?

My grandma has been a piano teacher for over 50 years and she would have to look after me as a child while my parents were at work. She’d teach and I’d sit around listening to her lessons and then go home to my house and play by myself on my family piano. I eventually started making videos for Instagram. I first got into recording iPhone voice memos out of necessity to get certain ideas/emotions out and then was recording videos at the piano to memories melodies I was writing. I uploaded one to Instagram and producers started contacting me. I’m blessed that that has allowed me to start recording my records.

Who’s your biggest musical inspiration?

My biggest musical inspiration is Stevie Wonder. The only way I can describe his voice and sound is just like tears of joy…his music sounds like what life feels like. That’s the goal!  

What’s in the pipeline for the rest of the year? Is “Talk” off an upcoming album or EP?

I’m just working on music and planning on releasing much more before the year is out.

Images courtesy of Julius

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