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1/8 — Finishing up some work at The Milk Cafe before the 69 presentation over at The Standard. The wifi was pretty strong for being password-free!



Junglepussy's NYFW Diary For Milk, Pt. 3

It’s the final day of Fashion Week, and the feeling is truly bittersweet. I’m going to miss seeing my friends grace runways and maneuver through this industry. The way people share their essence and their existence all in the name of fashion is so inspiring to me. We are all needed, important, and necessary. We all complete the vision. Designers get inspired, create, then need people to wear and express their collections. This alone inspires other people, artists, and fashionistas worldwide. Press and media outlets come to these fashion shows to capture the moment, which for many models, means so much more than that 15-second walk. This could be the look that lands them future bookings for future fashion weeks. These are dreams coming true all around, for the designers, stylists, models, photographers, interns, and even me – I met Erykah Badu! <3

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