Full Moon Festival is almost here, which means you better start preparing. Luckily Junglepussy knows just what you'll need to survive.



Junglepussy On The 4 Things You'll Need to Survive Full Moon Fest

This weekend, Pusha T, Santigold, SBTRKT, and a handful of other amply talented musicians will be making their way to Governors Island for the Full Moon Music Festival. And if it’s anything like last year, then expect a lot of fun, tie-dye, and sore limbs.

Music festivals, for the rookies out there, are joyous affairs, breeding grounds for stupid decisions that you’ll laugh about later. And Full Moon is no exception. But like all music festivals, it is also unequivocally an endurance test—just one that’s elaborately masked with illustrious performances and distracting lights. Put differently: it’s not any ordinary night out. To ensure a great time, music festivals require preparation—something Junglepussy knows all too well. As someone who’s no doubt been to her fair share of festivals, we could think of no one better to offer up their survival tips. Just remember: follow her lead, and you can’t go wrong.

Junglepussy at the last NYFW.

I’ve always felt like I wasn’t built for festivals. I admire people who know how to stand for hours exerting energy under the blazing sun. But as a natural survivalist, I knew I would one day have to face such an experience, and when I do, I want to be mentally, physically, and spiritually prepared.

Here are some things I must have in any crowded situation…

1. Water

Too often do we forget to hydrate when having fun or simply getting inebriated. I always keep a small bottle of water with electrolytes tucked in my purse. Some venues don’t let you bring in “outside” beverages but water is of the earth, and as a child of the earth, you will find a way.

2. G-pen

Unless you have time to pre-roll joints after spending hours getting cute, a G-pen Elite vaporizer is the most chill way to vibe out at the function. Bonus: People are more likely to ask for some of your joint than your personal vaping device.

Sunglasses couldn’t hurt either.

3. Washcloth

My skin is naturally oily (some say that’s proof of a tight face at 50 years old), which means that when I’m excited or see sexy people, I sweat profusely. Milk Makeup has awesome oil blotting sheets that won’t smudge your makeup but will get your face back to looking how it did when you left the house. If that’s too dainty for you, grab a washcloth—preferably one that isn’t white so you can (somewhat) camouflage your dirt. I love pink ones.

4. Disposable Camera

Selfies are a must, but a disposable camera can produce some one-of-a-kind memories for you and your friends. Stop at a drugstore on your way to the event and purchase one! Develop the film a few days after and gift some shots to your pals. Don’t forget to write the date on the back. :) How else will we convince our children that we were care-free festival-goers just like the Woodstock generation?

Images by Junglepussy and Christine Hahn.

To attend Full Moon Festival this weekend, visit their site

Stay tuned to Milk for more savvy survival guides. 

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