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1/11 — I would’ve questioned my existence if I didn’t see Erykah. She asked for a Polaroid of us to keep! I hope she puts it on her fridge.



Junglepussy's NYFW Polaroid Diary For Milk, Pt. 1

How do you look cute when its -35 degrees outside and Milk Studios is right by the Hudson River? Roundtrip Ubers help I guess, but that didn’t mean I could pull up in a crop top and a mini. I wore a cotton candy pink wool coat I gifted myself for Christmas and can’t stop wearing, my mom’s cashmere sweater (she accidentally shrunk it, so now it’s mine), my fave BCBG scarf that is so big it doubles as a blanket in case of an emergency, snakeskin Tripp pants from high school, and Jil Sanders boots. 

I felt huggable and warm, but still so sexy. It’s important to feel sexy and comfortable at the same time, especially during a time like Fashion Week when you’re surrounded by so many different energies and looks. Disconnection with the self in these social settings can leave you feeling out of place, but by being aware of your existence, freely expressing your style, and vibrating positivity, you will truly feel apart of the experience. Everyone deserves to feel included in fashion, because we all secretly inspire each other.

Peep the gallery above for behind the scenes pictures at Yeezy and Pyer Moss at MADE Fashion Week, including one where Junglepussy fulfilled her dream of meeting Erykah Badu. Stay tuned for more of her fashion week diaries!

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