Eyelash extensions? You Jianxia doesn’t know her.



Just How Long Are the Longest Lashes In the World?

Au naturel is the name of the game when it comes to long lashes, according to You Jianxia of Shanghai, China, who was just recently crowned with the Guinness World Record for longest eyelashes in the world. In a recent press release from Guinness World Records themselves, Jianxia joins the ranks of super-humans with records such as longest fingernails (18 ft. 10.9 in) and tallest high top fade (52 cm/20.5 in). Born in 1968, Jianxia reportedly has a lash on her left upper eyelid that measures a staggering 12.4 centimeters, or 4.88 inches long. That’s longer than the diagonal length of a screen on an iPhone 7.

According to Jianxia, she first discovered the lengthy lash “during an eighteen-month nature retreat she embarked on in 2013, and she puts the growth down to the life she leads at one with nature.” After first noticing her abnormally long lashes, Jianxia spent the next 50 years growing, cultivating, and nurturing her lashes to the, jaw-dropping, monster length that they are now.

Say good bye to your mascara, put the lash curlers down – the secret is out. She wasn’t born with it, it’s not Maybelline. You heard it first here: she went camping.

Image via Guinness World Records

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