Justin Trudeau Rules: Canadian Government To Issue Gender-Neutral ID Cards

Canadian queers were pent up with insurmountable levels of excitement when their beloved Prime Minister Justin Trudeau became the first Canadian leader to march alongside them at Toronto’s Gay Pride parade this past Sunday. As if this validation wasn’t simulating enough, the progressive first term PM later took broadcast frequencies by storm with the announcement of his plan to provide gender-neutral ID cards for citizens who don’t necessarily identity with the gender binary.

“That’s part of the great arc of history sweeping towards justice,” Trudeau told Toronto news channel CP24. “We are trying to figure out the best way to actually getting around to doing it. We are looking at other jurisdictions.”

This is a monumental step forward in the fight for transgender, non-binary, and gender-queer visibility on a global scale. By expanding a citizen’s gender options beyond the limiting “M” or “F,” Canadian officials are embracing all citizens, regardless of gender identity or performance, forcibly setting a standard for nationwide mindfulness and progression.

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau became everyone’s fav leader with the establishment of gender-neutral IDS.

A government spokesperson added that the plan to create gender-neutral ID cards was purposefully posed to no longer “exclude people whose gender identity does not match the binary standard.” Once put into law, Canada will join Australia, New Zealand, and Nepal as the first (of hopefully many) countries that have introduced a third gender option on state IDs.

But, of course, since Canada has always done queer progression best—let’s not forget their groundbreaking decision as the first Western country to legalize same-sex marriage—the country’s lawmakers have upped the ante by voting to change the Canadian national anthem, “O Canada,” to be more inclusive, with gender-neutral lyrics.

Although we’re unsure as to when these new IDs will begin getting issued, one thing is guaranteed: the journey towards equality has never looked better.

Stay tuned to Milk for more on non-binary visibility.

Images via. The Guardian and Mashable. 

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