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1/14 — MICHAEL MACKRODT ~ DONG HOI, VIETNAM Trick: Frontside blunt Photo by Jonathan Mehring



JZ Radical Turns It Out for 'Skate the World' Book Launch

JZ Radical, aside from being a world class skater and avid traveler, is ever-present at the top skating events in NYC. This week, he caught the launch of a breathtaking new book called Skate the World, a collection of epic portraits of skaters honing their craft in various locations around the world. Check out our gallery of some of the best shots, as well as JZ and crew attending the launch!

National Geographic is hands down the world’s most amazing publication. They joined forces with Jonathan Mehring and Levi’s to release a hard cover book appropriately titled Skate The World.

Mehring has traveled to 6 continents and over 30 countries, in what sure looks like an amazing adventure. There are all kinds of skateboarding photos featured from far out places like Ethiopia, Bolivia, Russia, Greece, Madagascar, Morocco, Uganda, Namibia, Kazakhstan, Iran, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, and even India. As Kirill Korobkov, a Russian journalist, wrote in Skate The World, “Firsthand experience is the best way to discover a new country. Sometimes skateboarding takes you further than you ever imagined.” In fact, I met Jonathan through photographer, explorer, and all around globe trotting guru Patrik Wallner on a skate trip in Delhi back in 2013. The cover image of Sebo Walker and Mark Sucio was shot at sunrise in New Delhi.

We came together to celebrate the release of the book at Soho Arts Club. The vibe was one of pure fun and celebration, and everyone in the skate industry in NYC and beyond was in attendance. Naturally, it was off the hook!

Tony Hawk wrote the forward for Skate The World, and he describes how skateboarding has bridged socioeconomic backgrounds worldwide, as well language barriers. All skaters are equal. Skateboarding rules, and Jonathan’s book is something special. It truly shows the connection all skateboarders share worldwide. It’s a brotherly love that is difficult to describe in words. As Jonathan Mehring wrote in the book, “Skateboarding is an individual activity, but without a crew of like-minded friends, it wouldn’t be the same.”

All imagery courtesy of Jonathan Mehring. 

Check out JZ’s page on Natural Koncept here.

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