Because it's never a bad time to celebrate fashion royalty, we bring you 7 things you most likely didn't know Kate Moss has done.



Kate Moss' Unlikely and Unbelievable Career Moves to Date

After nearly three decades as a cultural icon, Kate Moss is no less than fashion royalty. In other words, she’s done some shit. Moss surged to supermodel status at the ripe age of 18 following her 1992 Calvin Klein campaign with Mark Wahlberg, and we regularly find ourselves dreaming of the ‘90s supermodel era that the British beauty will perpetually signify. With a “Never complain. Never explain” boss lady mantra toward media attention, the rest of her story remains rather undisclosed. Below, we’ve compiled a few of Moss’ endeavors over the years that should not go unnoticed.

She Had Her Body Immortalized

It seems fitting that someone who is essentially akin to a mythical Greek goddess will exist eternally as a £1.5 million cast gold statue titled “Sphinx.” The piece was made by artist Marc Quinn, who described Moss as “a contemporary version of the Sphinx. A mystery.”  Although Moss is not quite the yogi portrayed below, the statue is true-to-life and reflects the model’s actual measurements.


She Styled Lara Stone for British Vogue

Lara Stone, wolves, silk, and your weird great aunt’s ornate digs is how we would sum up the below editorial. A regularl contributing fashion editor for British Vogue, Moss styled Stone for a fairytale-inspired series of shots with an earthy touch, and did so impeccably. She has proven to be a behind-the-scenes maverick, commanding the attention of the viewer without even setting foot in front of the camera.


She DJs

Did you know that the supermodel also moonlights as a DJ? Because she does. Now, let’s not get too fired up; for a half hour DJ session, she reportedly charges just under $400k. Which seems… fair. Most recently, she DJed at Miu Miu’s Resort 2017 Presentation in Paris, and it was—erm, how do you say?—lit.


She Styled Her Own Stones Shoot 

Who better to pay tribute to The Rolling Stones than Kate Moss? Moss was brought on board by British Vogue to celebrate the band’s first international exhibition, Exhibitionism. She styled the shoot for the May 2016 issue herself, pairing Mick Jagger’s vintage union jacket with metallic-detailed boots. No stranger to the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle, Moss oozes a perfectly imperfect morning-after vibe; you can practically hear Exile on Main Street playing in the background.


She’s Comically Charitable

Moss has made a handful of comedic appearances in aid of the UK charity Comic Relief. In 2006, she was featured on the British comedy sketch show, Little Britain, as the sister of Matt Lucas’ character, Vicky Pollard. As part of the duo’s hilarious bit about how “easy” Moss is, she says, “I’m a total slag. I’ll give ya a gob job for a packet of Quavers.” Even if you aren’t privy to British slang, you get the idea.

She’s a Songwriter

Apparently, Moss co-wrote four songs with British musician Pete Doherty, frontman of The Libertines and Babyshambles. The two were known for their tumultuous, drug-fueled relationship, during which Moss contributed to Babyshambles’ 2007 album, Shotter’s Nation. Many of the songs’ lyrics fittingly touch upon the highs and lows of the duo’s two-year romantic stint. This technically makes her an honorary rock star, no?


She’s Been a Vogue Cover Girl Over 300 Times

Legend has it that, internationally, Moss has been on the cover of Vogue over 300 times. That’s nearly one cover per day for an entire year, but who’s counting? (We are.) And there’s no higher authority in the land of fashion publications; British Vogue editor, Alexandra Shulman, described Moss as “A symbol of fashion, Britishness, Vogue.”


Images via Flickr, Glamour, Popsugar, Fashion Gone Rogue, Pinterest, Life in Pics, and Cover Junkie. Lead graphic by Bonnie Wang.

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