'Kill Bill' Influences To Watch While Waiting For Volume 3

It’s that time of the year again. No, not the christmakwanzannukahmadan-solstice, although it is that time too. No, we mean that time of the year where someone asks Quentin Tarantino when Kill Bill 3 is happening.

As any proper, bloodthirsty cinephile knows, Kill Bill is ripe for a sequel. It was one of the few movies with a well-deserved happy ending, both for main character The Bride (Uma Thurman) and for Tarantino, who directed and wrote both volumes. It’s stylish, gruesome, and as epic as any over-budgeted, superhero flick–without any of the spandex. But, ever since Volume Two wrapped on that mama lion/cub reunion, fans have been asking about a potential new film. Perhaps one centered around the only other character who didn’t meet her maker at the end of a Hatori Hanzo sword.

Probably a total badass by now.

Nikki Green, the daughter of ex-Deadly Viper Assassin Squad firearms expert Vernita Green, is presumably still alive. Vernita (Vivica A. Fox) got offed right before Nikki’s eyes, and The Bride promised her that if she still felt “raw” about it years later, she’d hunt her down in a revenge spree of her very own. 

So what’s the deal? Why is it that in this golden age of remixes, sequels, prequels, and shot-for-shot remakes, has Nikki not sought out her revenge yet? Well, while promo-ing for non-Kill Bill related film The Hateful Eight, Tarantino got asked that very same question. And this was all he had to say:

Ugh. It all just boils down to “a possibility.” “A probability.”

We need more answers than that.

Well, we need something to carry us through until the day Tarantino officially maybe, sort of, almost, kinda considers Kill Bill Volume 3. He’s the king of homages, and Kill Bill is pretty much a mash up of every iconic scene in every samurai flick and spaghetti western combined. Here’s a list of just some of those films to help get you through the waiting period.

Game of Death:
Let’s just go ahead and get this out of the way now. The Bride wears a yellow suit, Bruce Lee wears a yellow suit. She rides a motorcycle, he rides a motorcycle. They both had to fight a boatload of baddies to get to their loved ones. But if you think that’s the only reason to watch this, well…good for you for being easily swayed, and we’re glad that you see it our way.


But if you’re still not convinced, here’s a dose of epic reasoning. For one thing, Lee fights ginormous basketball player and part time chill assassin Kareem Abdul Jabbar.


And who doesn’t wanna see Bruce Lee take down someone literally three feet taller than him?


Second, there’s the epic nunchuck skills that inspired a whole generation of naive kids to tie some sticks together and spend hours smacking themselves in the face. Our parents were never quite the same, and neither was this baby.


Third, you get to witness Bruce Lee’s talent as a master of disguise. He fakes his own death just to get to the bad guys and, simply put, magic happens.

Bearded Bruce Lee stand-in Game of Death 1978

He’s kinda everything.


But if you need more blood, how’s about you spend the night with a few samurai flicks? There’s…

Samurai Fiction:

This is the story of one son’s quest to retrieve his clan’s most prized possession: A sword handed down throughout generations. A study in old school honor and drama, the film is entirely black and white, save for this scene. It looks a lot like The Bride’s battle against the Crazy 88.



If there’s one thing that Tarantino loves, its blood. And it there’s one thing that Sanjuro is known for, its also blood. ‘Nuff said.

A squirter.

Lady Snowblood:

This is the female-led revenge story we’ve been craving. Its got blood soaked kimonos and a woman literally born out of vengeance and hate. Its also famous for a grand fight scene in the snow, which definitely reminds us of the infamous Kill Bill scene where O-Ren Ishii (Lucy Liu) gets a haircut that exposes her brain. What’s not to like?

Vengeance is definitely a common thread.

But if you think that swords are for squares, well then…why are you reading this? But then again, these samurais did lack epic hats. If you love hats and revenge stories, try…

Death Rides A Horse:

O-ren and this film’s Bill (he’s a Cowboy Bill, not a Samurai Fuckboi Bill) pretty much have the same backstory. Both witnessed the terrible murders of their family as young children. Both were carried out by assassins with an affinity for skull jewelry. And finally, both came back as total badasses who craved revenge above all else.

Bill also relates to The Bride, or B. Take their perchants for flashbacks for example. So if you thought that B needed a pair of guns and an outlaw sidekick with a tragic past, or if you just really like the parts of Kill Bill that are set in El Paso, this is everything you’ve added wanted and more:

Buried alive, just like Beatrix Kiddo!

But let’s face it, no one does “buried alive” better than…

City of the Living Dead:

This is a horror film you watch when you don’t want get seriously freaked out. It’s one of those séance-gone-wrong things that fucks up everyone involved. The scene where B escapes her coffin is practically a shot-for-shot remake of this poor girl’s own escape.

That should be enough to keep us going until 20whenever-Kill-Bill-Vol-3-comes-out. It could take a few decades  years, so we wanted to make sure you were stocked up for this long, cold winter. We hope your limbs don’t get chopped off in the snow!

City of the Living Dead 25
When you get buried alive, try not to die.

Images via Kino Images, Tumblr, Giphy, the Film League, Mubi, and Movie Blogs.

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