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Ladyfag Starts The Year With Holy Mountain, A Cybernetic Rager

You know you’ve gone to a good party when you slide into an Uber and your driver wishes you a good morning—blissfully unaware that you’ve been sweating and swaying for hours in the darkness. As I made my crawl out of the darkness of Slake with the friends I’d gathered to celebrate my birthday, a hot dog vendor was setting up shop and our clocks read 5:23AM. Even though the air was crisp, there was a  morning whip of wind, and we were still riding the euphoric wave that comes after leaving Ladyfag’s iconic monthly party.

Dreamt up by the New York nightlife fixture, Ladyfag’s Holy Mountain has become a bastion for the strange and surreal, spread out over two levels and multiple dance floors. Club kids mingle with confused and elated foreigners, as laser lights shine off of chandeliers and glistening bodies. Saturday’s sixteenth iteration of the event, on Saturday, January 16th, came wrapped up in a cybernetic theme, tailor-made for the youth who grew up surrounded by technology. Cyborg and alien looks were served up with the usual flair that makes the monthly party so unique. But this night felt different. As the first Holy Mountain of the new year, it brought an unrivaled energy that made everyone dance harder, shake off any reservations they had bottled up from last year, and abandon those New Year’s resolutions to party less.

The music brought all the best slaps to the dance floor, as Chapman, Juliana Huxtable, and other DJs played the best jams. The likes of Gitoo, Carlos Santolalla, Miss Queen SateenExquisite, Walter Pearce, and more familiar faces bobbed through the crowds. As everyone partied their cybernetic hearts out like it was Y2K all over again, Milk fave Andrew Boyle was on hand to capture portraits of the wildest kids in the labyrinth.

While everyone returns to their day jobs with glitter in their eyes and daydreams about who they hooked up with under the laser lights, we’ll be looking forward to what form the Mountain will take next month.

Photos taken exclusively for Milk by Andrew Boyle.

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