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1/30 — LadyLand festival style.



Ladyfag’s LadyLand: In Response to Hate, We Celebrate With Love

Ladyfag threw a party that was more than a party. It was an ode to the beauty, defiance, love, and resilience of the queer community. Living in a time where government often means an active pressure to silence and dehumanize LGBTQIA+ people and livelihoods, having a space that says “We are here, queer, and have no fear” is so important. Not only was LadyLand an active statement, it also served as a place where we as queer people could just let loose and have fun. This is fighting fear with fun. This is living and not giving up. This is fighting with lovean army of lovers. As LadyLand’s motto boldly declares: “An army of lovers will never be defeated.”

As soon as we entered the festival, we were surrounded by an enormous turnout of a diverse community of queer youth, mixed in with the Ladyfag party regulars. The festival style was on point, and it served as the warpaint and body armor of this army of lovers. You can’t have a queer party without celebrating LGBTQ+ talent. LadyLand’s lineup just grew bigger and bigger, or should we say gayer and gayer, as there was a surprise and last minute appearance from artist Cupcakke. Some other highlights of the night were Tommy Genesis (pictured above), King Princess, Aquaria, Kim Petras, Eve, and SOPHIE.If you thought that lineup wasn’t enough (!), LadyLand also supported many queer business owners, boutiques, and artists with a pop-up bazaar. Left your harness at home? Did your body jewelry fall out? Was your outfit ruined in the rain on the way over to the festival? Well LadyLand had you covered. To remember the night, Mars Hobrecker provided free flash tattoos that were custom made for the event. Mars illustrates line tattoos that are an ode to classic Americana art. He’s an artist that truly demonstrates positivity, coming togetherness, and inclusion.We left LadyLand with hope for what the music industry for LGBTQIA+ artists looks like, what it means to support one another, and a hope for many years of entertainment where we can just be. Authenticity & art for all, but above all else, love. 

Stay tuned to Milk for more Pride stuff.

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