Ladytron Member Captures Electric Blue Volcanic Eruption

Nature can be trippy as hell sometimes, and this volcano in Indonesia is all the proof we need. When you think of a volcano, you probably picture deep red lava oozing from the top. But in the case of the Kawah Ijen crater, located on the island of Java, the hot stuff isn’t red — it’s an electric blue. Reuben Wu is a British photographer, DJ, and member of the electronic group Ladytron. On a trip to Java over the summer, he got up-close and personal with Kiawah Ijen, and the photos are dope. #NoFilter

Haunted traphouse vibes.

The blue isn’t actually the color of the lava, as this National Geographic article explains. It’s the result of a chemical reaction that occurs even when the volcano is not erupting. Sulfuric gases escape from Kawah Ijen’s cracks at high pressures. When they come in contact with the air, they condense into liquid sulfur which drips down the sides of the volcano, and bursts into bright blue flames. It’s like an organic black light party, and it’s totally blowing our minds.

When a fire starts to burn, right, and it starts to spread…
Blaze it.

Photos by Reuben Wu

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