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1/11 — The WEDIDIT 10 year anniversary rager.



LA's WEDIDIT Collective Celebrates A Decade of Music

Los Angeles creative collective and label WEDIDIT celebrated 10 years of music in LA a few weeks ago. If you’re familiar with the group at all, then you were probably there, or wanted to be. RL Grime made a splash when he surprised the crowd with a performance and friends of the collective like Matt Champion from Brockhampton made appearances to show some love and support for the celebration. Milk sat down with the two who founded the collective, Henry Laufer (AKA Shlohmo) and Nick Meledandri (AKA Nick Melons) to see what the goal was for the collective in the first place (turns out there was no goal, and being 18 and bored in LA is what created WEDIDIT), and all the new music and “bullshit” that will be released soon.

First off congrats on two digits—I’ve been following the WEDIDIT collective since high school so it’s cool to see that it’s still flourishing. 

Nick: I have been waiting for someone to call me and tell me the jig is up since 2012 but no one’s called me.

Shlo: Thank you very much I have no idea whats going on.

Shlohmo—when you founded WEDIDIT back in 2008—what was the goal? Or was there even a goal?  

Shlo: I think the complete absence of any goal was what made it fun. It was literally just something to do. We were 18 and bored. We were making music and drawing and shit; when I started the blogspot it was mainly a way for us to keep in touch + share our new stuff with each other.

Things have been a bit quiet on the collectives end—does this mean that theres a lot of newness coming or have you guys kind of all been chilling and doing your own thing?

Nick: 2018 has been about library rules and their is no talking in the library.

Shlo: Idk where you’re listening from but where I’m at its very loud. We try to speak very loudly over each other + always play loud music from every room. Every day is very loud.

If you could go back in time—would you change anything that has happened in the last 10 years or are you just rolling with the wave?

Nick: Definitely not, no regrets everything is the way it was supposed to be. We signed the people we love, traveled the world, worked with the people we look up to and even quietly informed some of the biggest musicians in the world that made us sign NDA’s

Shlo: I regret everything.

What’s some advice that you or Nick would give to some other kids who might feel a bit afraid of high school or overwhelmed by how social media has such a presence in everyday life—in a sense how did you all learn to just do your own thing rather then feel intimidated and scared to put your music out there?

Nick: The risk of embarrassment to do what you love is worth it every time. If you live your life in fear of what others might think then you never really live for yourself.

Shlo: Try not to lose sleep over others opinions. No one knows what you want to do better than you do. Also don’t make music with an audience in mind. It shouldn’t always be for other people. Make it for yourself and be honest and then when people like it it’ll feel way cooler.

What does the future hold for WEDIDITis a possible collaboration between your old brand Nothing Nice in the works? Whats good with the future?

Nick: Nothing nice is dead but we are finally opening up the brand to more collaborations. We have some of the biggest records we’ve ever released coming out on the label.

Shlo: Lots of new stuff always. More WEDIDIT music. Working on some collaborations with friends’ brands. More 10th anniversary chaos for the rest of the year. I’m gonna be releasing my album on the label this fall. And some more top secret bullshit that we’ll be talkin about soon :)

Stay tuned to Milk for more from the west coast.

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