Lea DeLaria: The New OINTB Season Will Be Shot With Puppets

Lea DeLaria is one of those wickedly talented people with multiple careers: stand-up comedian, actress, jazz musician. As the gruff but lovable Big Boo on Orange Is the New Black, DeLaria steals nearly every scene she’s in with her cutting one-liners. She arrived at the Adam Selman show with her fiancée, former VFiles editor Chelsea Fairless. We chatted with her about fashion vs. Yankees games, OINTB’s new season, and how she had a very clear view down our shirt.

Very nice to meet you! I’m a big fan.

Thank you! I’m really happy to know you, because you’re leaning in front of me and I can see down your top.

Oh boy!

Very exciting.

So what brings you to the show tonight?

The ability to see down your top. You didn’t expect that to happen!

I did not! Do you like Adam Selman?

Yeah, absolutely. And it was really fun to run into Amy [Sedaris], who’s wearing Adam. My fiancée, Chelsea Fairless, who is in the fashion world, immediately pointed that out, and I immediately clocked it so that if someone asked me something about Adam, I would have a trivia piece. I steal all of my knowledge of fashion from her, and from Sandra Bernhard. Oh, and Lori Petty!

Well you certainly have the coolest people to talk to then!

I know right? I’m learning from the best at least.

Are you doing anything else for fashion week?

If it was up to me, I’d go to Yankee game after Yankee game after Yankee game. But I am going to Betsey Johnson, and we’re going to the Marc Jacobs party tonight.

Oh, the crazy dress code party?

Yes! I’m wearing flats, so I might not get in.

If they don’t let you in, they’re crazy.

We’re also going to Jeremy Scott!

Awesome! He always has a great show. Are you in production now for Orange Is The New Black?

Well, the entire show this season is going to be done with puppets. So we’re in the middle of shooting the puppet season. We were all supposed to be silent about it, but I’m really upset about my lack of work this season, due to the puppets. They’re not even muppets!

That’s a tragedy.

Read our interview with DeLaria’s castmate Taryn Manning here. Stay tuned for more interviews from MADE Fashion Week.

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