To celebrate the final days of its current exhibit, the Milk Gallery will be hosting a talk tomorrow night about aliens, UFOs, and abductions—y'know, casual things like that.



Learn All About Alien Abductions Tomorrow at the Milk Gallery

In case you haven’t heard, the Milk Gallery is currently hosting a pretty compelling show—and you only have five more days to see it. Entitled Flying Saucers Are Real!, the exhibit is showcasing cyberpunk and sci-fi novelist Jack Womack’s collection of books (some even written by him), pamphlets, and mementos from decades worth of research on the titillating topic of UFOs. Organized by the Milk Gallery, Boo-Hooray, and Anthology Editions, the exhibit is a precursor to Womack’s book of the same name, which will be released in September.

Jack Womack’s book about UFO books, which you can get a signed copy of tomorrow.

Growing up in a rather uneventful Kentucky town, Womack first became fascinated with UFOs at a young age—he dates it back to 1964, when he was eight years old—after learning about them on a morning broadcast. Since then he’s amassed a profusion of artwork, blueprints, and records of wild conspiracy theories, which are currently on display at Milk. But let’s be clear here: Womack by no means believes that aliens exist. Rather, it’s our interest in them—and the truly unbelievable theories and memorabilia that it’s engendered—that fascinates him most. As he told us ahead of the opening of his exhibit, “I do it to see the different kinds of photo hoaxes in the era before cell phones and the different kinds of narratives that emerged… In the 1950s, alien theories ranged from Communist spies to intelligent bees.”

The X-Files theme song plays in the background

Now, as we approach the final days of the exhibit, Womack is treating us once again—this time to a book signing and talk with fellow author and sci-fi enthusiast, Ryan Britt. And we don’t know about you, but we’re certainly excited about it. Ditto Johan Kugelberg, the exhibit’s curator and the founder of Boo-Hooray, who described seeing Womack speak live as “absolutely unbelievable… It’s like his verbal pyrotechnics are even wilder than his books.” Among the range of endlessly riveting topics Womack and Britt plan to cover are flying saucers, UFO sightings, abductions (!!), and reportage. The truth is out there. Or, currently, at Milk.

Images courtesy of Milk Gallery and Boo-Hooray.

The talk will take place at Milk Gallery tomorrow night from 7 – 9pm. To attend, RSVP here.

For more information on the exhibit, visit the Milk Gallery website, and hop on over to the Milk Store to ogle their collection of goodies.

Flying Saucers Are Real! will be on display at Milk Gallery until August 21st.

Stay tuned to Milk for more eerie theories. 

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