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Learn All About Vintage From This LA It Girl [Exclusive]

For any young, fashion-conscious person living in an expensive city (cough New York cough LA), vintage shopping is essential for beefing up one’s wardrobe. It may be impossible for most of us to walk into Dover Street Market and buy the latest skater t-shirts with a Simone Rocha tulle skirt or whatever, but we can hit up Goodwill and Beacon’s and spend hours scrolling on Ebay for something juuuuust right. Looking for vintage is a real skill, a skill that one Sami Miró has truly mastered—in fact, she’s made a career out of it.

Miró, after years and years of collecting vintage and putting in her time as a stylist, has launched her own line, appropriately called Sami Miró Vintage (SMV for short). The line consists of a mix of cool staples like bomber jackets and bodysuits sourced from vintage fabrics, and custom made apparel for celebrities like Hailee Steinfeld, Zac Efron (Miró’s ex), Selena Gomez, and even little Blue Ivy Carter. The kicker? She launched the line in ten days. Miró is a hustler—prior to working full-time in fashion, she went to grad school for global entrepreneurship, and traveled the world working for a tech start-up. She told us that founding SMV allowed her to combine a “business acumen and creative passion.” Sounds good to us.

SMV was featured at MADE LA as part of “The Stores,” an outdoor market of sorts to go along with fashion shows from Moschino, Hood by Air, and Tyler, the Creator. A San Francisco native, Miró lives in LA now, where she tries to represent the Bay by dropping “hella” as much as possible. It will never die!

We’re premiering Miró’s latest lookbook, which she creative directed, sourcing models and skaters from Instagram for a true party atmosphere. Scroll through the slideshow above, and read on for our interview.

I don't dress like you or you

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I read that you’ve been collecting vintage since you were 14? Do you have any advice for vintage shoppers?

I could talk for days about vintage. It’s something that I fell in love with when I was around 14—back then vintage was not cool at all. [People would say] “Ew, you’re wearing gross, used stuff.”

I was buying vintage because I was on a budget. I was able to find cool designers at super affordable prices to keep up with the cool rich kids, so from there I actually learned, “Hey, my Lacoste polo that’s super dated with holes in it and has some stains is way more awesome than your new crisp Lacoste polo.” At a young age I discovered the value of the story that vintage can tell, and the uniqueness that age can bring to clothes. From there, I started going crazy searching for unique things and adding to my collection.

Fire @selenagomez

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I can’t believe your line came together in ten days.

Yes! So I like to say I’ve been studying for over a decade, meaning studying collecting vintage for over a decade, and just kind of trying to conquer the world of vintage. For the last year I’ve been styling and dabbling in the creative world, and I’ve known for a year that I’ve wanted to start my own line eventually. I knew that because my background is in vintage that I wanted to figure out some way to combine vintage with a new line, which is kind of counterintuitive if you think about it—you don’t think something old can create something new.

Because it’s something that hasn’t been done much before, I hadn’t figured out a way to do it until one day I finally got the inspiration I needed. Within ten days from figuring out what exactly Sami Miro vintage collection was going to be, I [made it happen].

I see you @jheneaiko wearing the @samimirovintage Valentina Body and the Z Bomber for the #antiworldtour

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How would you describe Sami Miro Vintage?

There are three sides to Sami Miro Vintage. There’s SMV staples, which are the original pieces I launched with, the vintage denim patch bomber jacket and the bodysuits with the vintage denim patch over the boobs. There’s the vintage denim choker, and [we’ll be launching] the six chokers and hats. Then there’s a custom side of things. So far I’ve worked with musicians like Hailee Steinfeld. I created an outfit for her for LA Pride.

@haileesteinfeld in custom @samimirovintage bodysuit and pants 4 LA Pride 🔥

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There were super cool, high-waisted vintage denim pants, which I combined a couple pairs of vintage pants to create, and then I made her a custom bodysuit that had a rainbow pride patch on it, with some sparkles for some extra flair while she was on stage. And I’ve made some custom bombers for Blue Ivy, Zac [Efron] and a few other people.

#samimirovintage design debut – more details coming. Styled by me

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Wait! I was going to ask you about the one you had done for Zac, but you made one for Blue Ivy!?

Yes! So it’s literally the cutest thing in the world, I just finished making it and I’m going to mail it within the next week. It’s adorable! So that’s the custom side of things, and that’s really anything—like custom bodysuits, custom denim pants and jackets so far, but options are endless with custom. It’s just where I get super creative with whoever the client is, and we come up with some funky outfits made from vintage denim or vintage leather or vintage velvet. Then there’s the newest side of things, which I launched at MADE L.A, and that’s where I have a curated collection of one-of-a-kind vintage pieces that I alter very slightly. Or I add my signature denim patch on the front or back of it to pull it all together and bring it in to my collection.

Campaign dropping @3pm PST. Creative director @samimiro Videographer & director @hateboy2 #samimirovintage

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Where do you see the brand going from here?

This might not sound very good—obviously there’s some strategy involved in my life and career, but overall I just take opportunities as they come and go with the flow. I don’t have some strict plan for everything.

But overall, I want Sami Miro Vintage to be synonymous with vintage. So when you think vintage and where you should go, I want them to immediately think of Sami Miro Vintage. I think that the brand is really good for everybody out there because it has pieces, like the staples and bodysuits for example, that incorporate vintage fabrics, but don’t necessarily scream some crazy vintage piece. So if you’re a more simple person, or more clean-cut, there are pieces for you. If you’re more of a crazy vintage lover, then I have some things for you as well. So it’s a good starter brand for vintage and it’s great for those serious, psycho vintage people out there—I’m one of them.

Check out more from Sami Miró here and on Instagram.

All photos shot by Palma Wright

Stay tuned to Milk for more vintage-y goodness.

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