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Sip Tea With Mariah Carey and Her 5 Shadiest Moments

Back in the magical, pre-Donald Trump running for President days of the early 2000s (seriously, take me back), legendary songstress and elusive chanteuse Mariah Carey was asked about one of her peers: singer, actress, dancer, songwriter, author, fashion designer, producer, mother, and overall superwoman Jennifer Lopez. Her response stopped lives.

Hear that, world?

To this day, her answer lives on in the form of appropriate reaction GIFs and incredible memes, cementing Mimi’s status as the Queen of Shade. And this week, we relived the glorious moment all over again when a photographer asked Carey how she felt about the comment still being referenced today. Her response? “I still don’t know her.”

Be still our fragile hearts. Will the shade ever let up? We hope not. And in this spirit, we compiled her five shadiest moments to relive all over again. Ladies and gents, take a seat and learn from the master.

Even J.Lo’s gotta hand it to her.

When Mini Mimi Responded to Madonna’s Intense Diss

In the treasured days of the early ’90s (I was not born just yet, but take me back anyway?), the Queen of Pop stated that she would rather kill herself than be Mariah Carey. Instead of exploding at her like many artists would do today, Mimi kept it short and shady: “I really haven’t paid attention to Madonna since I was in seventh or eighth grade, when she used to be popular.” Usually, no one goes at Madge without a vengeful response from me, but I’ll let mini Mimi slide. She started so young, and we are so thankful.

When you see Madonna in the club, and care little.

When Mimi Took On Minaj…Over And Over Again

The feud between Mimi and Nicki Minaj while they were both judges on season 12 of American Idol went down in history as the only reason we wanted to watch American Idol past season four. We still did not watch, but the clips of their snippy fights make us laugh endlessly. And of course, Mimi’s effortless shade took the cake every time. First, Mimi had a forgetful moment when Barbara Walters asked her who she thought Minaj was singing about:

Then, she managed to sneak in a shoutout to her 18 Hot 100 number one hits while slyly pointing out Minaj’s lack of one. That is all skills right there.

She’s emotional. Can’t you tell?

When Mimi Called Out Xtina On Her Shit

God knows I love me some Christina Aguilera, but it’s hard to not also love when Mimi put the “Dirrty” diva in check. In a 2006 interview with GQ, The Voice judge divulged about a drunken Mimi acting derogatory towards her at a party that took place during the Glitter era, otherwise known as the time that shall not be mentioned. Mimi’s response? None other than a strongly-worded and deliciously shady statement issued to Access Hollywood, where she accused Xtina of showing up uninvited to a party and displaying similar behavior to what Xtina said about her. The cherry on top? She ends her statement with “I will keep her in my prayers.” And after the spilling of that tea, Xtina may need them.

Bye bitches.

When Mimi Actually Remembered J.Lo…Then Basically Ripped On Her

If there’s one lesson to take away from Miss Carey, it is to never just stop at shading a person once. During an interview with Larry King in the early 2000s, Carey denounced a rivalry between her and J.Lo, and then proceeded to covertly shade her, as Mimi does. “I don’t think she has anything to do with me,” Mimi said, “My whole thing is singing and writing songs… Her thing is something different.” Say that to J.Lo’s number one hits. If there’s one more thing to take away, it is that Mimi wants to share lanes with as few singers as possible.

When Mimi Served the Best Shade of All Time to None Other Than Eminem

Yes, it gives us life when Mimi shades her fellow divas, proving that she soars above them all. But what tops it is when Mimi puts her shade expertise to good use and takes on misogyny . The relationship between her and rapper Eminem is one of life’s greatest mysteries. Were they together or not? Who cares. It gave us danceable diss tracks, quotable insults, and most importantly, this exhilarating moment on Watch What Happens Live!, so therefore, the feud served its purpose. Only Mimi could come up with such clever and comedic shade on the spot. May she reign forever.


Stay tuned to Milk for more Mimi flavored shade.

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