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Let Floating Bonsais Fulfill Your Wildest Dreams

Thanks to some Japanese ingenuity, plants and planets are no longer just a letter removed.

Manufacturer Hoshinchu (from Japanese, “little star”) have announced Air Bonsai, a project that turns our boring, gravity-reliant plants into little, levitating planetoids. According to the Kickstarter that launched last week, the tech uses a large magnetic base to suspend a moss-covered orb that can house a number of assorted trees, pines, and flowers. At this point, we’d be rolling our eyes and saying, “Good luck with that,” but Hoshinchu anticipated the doubters and brought some proof in the form of the zen-like video seen above.

MFW trees be floatin
MFW trees be floatin.

Throwing money at your monitor? We wouldn’t blame you; already, the project has nearly tripled its $80,000 goal. But we do have some concerns. The basic package—which includes the anti-grav base and some mossy levitating soil—leaves the actual planting and balance calibration to you, and will run you a cool $200. You want a hand-crafted lava stone? Your own Japanese tree? Unless you’re already living on the islands, you’re screwed. Exportation laws don’t allow Hoshinchu to ship bonsais—and almost any Japanese plants, really—internationally.

In fact, Air Bonsai itself is a misnomer. Real bonsais aren’t sprigs cut from larger trees, nor are they dwarf breeds of trees—they’re planted from regular tree seeds, and are pruned and potted specifically to create the effect of miniaturization. The moss mold, tiny as it is, wouldn’t allow for a real bonsai tree. Youtube commenter and mild cynic po san writes, “not bonsai. no sense of beauty.”

But bonsais don’t float. Air Bonsais do. Regardless of the name, the price point, and the international shipping, it’s hard to argue against such incredible technology. The one-two punch of lush vegetation and out-of-this-world levitation leaves us breathless.

Stay tuned to Milk for more trippy trees.

GIFs courtesy of BoredPanda and NeoGAF.

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