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light + space is Bringing a Cosmic Disco to NYC

Random strangers, low lighting, and sparkly glitter: what more could you possibly ask for from a night out?

light + space is an experiential art show (with live music, of course) in Brooklyn that merges music, dance, and the universal human experience. Organized by indie-pop songstress Ariana and the Rose, the show is an exhilarating way to party with friends—with an unique interstellar twist.

“The aesthetic of light + space naturally grew out of the sonic and visual themes I had been exploring for my artist project,” said Ariana the Rose. “The galactic motifs of space and otherworldliness have this really interesting mix of hope and mystery because the universe is so unknown to us, so creating a cosmic disco just made sense to me. I wanted the performance space and creatures who inhabit it to be one big invitation for the audience to feel included and encouraged to drop their own inhibitions. People are invited to explore the party and we have created a cosmic world that swirls around them, so the audience just gets to lose themselves in it.”

This month, in celebration of Pride, light + space will be throwing an epic party on June 14. Don’t forget to mark it in your calendars, buy tickets here, and get ready to party with some major alien vibes. In the mean time, check out some exclusive light + space photos in the gallery above.

Images courtesy of light + space

Stay tuned to Milk for more exciting ways to celebrate Pride in NYC. 

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