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Like A Blister In The Sun: How to Celebrate The Solar Eclipse

This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Just a few hours ago, people from all walks of life turned their attention towards the heavens, as the dark side of the moon slowly crept its way across the sky, covering the sun and basking the earth in its ghostly shadow.

The solar eclipse began today, March 9th, at around 6:20 AM, and it was most visible on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Stargazers from all over the world have already made the journey to the island to witness this rare occasion first-hand. But, if for some reason you weren’t in Southeast Asia, or anywhere the eclipse was even be partially visible, don’t worry—there are plenty of ways you can experience this phenomenon from the comfort of your own home.

Actually look at it

Photos of the eclipse are pretty stunning. Peep our slideshow above for a closer look at the magic. Just don’t stare directly into the sun!

Go on an eclipse cleanse

People in some rural Indian villages fast during an eclipse, for fear that food prepared during this time will be poisonous or impure. And in a number of ancient mythologies, it’s said that a solar eclipse occurs when evil spirits or demons swallow the sun. That can only mean that these spirits know a secret that we don’t. Challenge yourself to a simple, one-day eclipse cleanse, where you eat nothing at all except the sun. It might be a little harder than it sounds, but by the end of it you’ll feel vivacious, hungry, youthful, demonic, and full of Vitamin D.

His skin is positively radiant.

Make as much noise as possible

In many cultures, it was believed that the only way to keep these demons away was to make as much noise as possible. You too can get into the spirit of the occasion by throwing a Project X-style rager, blasting Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon, or finally teaching yourself how to play the drums. If your neighbors complain, just explain that you’re chasing away malevolent spirits, and that they should be thanking you.

Mood music.

Plant a bunch of flowers

Even today, there are still a few widely-held superstitions surrounding solar eclipses, most of which are negative and kind of frightening—it’s said, for example that if a pregnant woman cuts an apple during an eclipse, her child will be born without fingers. Yeah. There are, however, a few lasting superstitions that are actually nice. In Italy, for instance, it’s said that flowers planted during this time bloom brighter and more beautifully than those planted during any other time of the year.

Everything grows better in the dark.

Stay away from animals

Since an eclipse causes an illusion of night, animals have their internal clocks all thrown off. In Britain, it was said that songbirds stopped singing, and farm animals were looking to rest a bit early. But we’re more concerned about nocturnal predators. Honey badgers are mostly nocturnal! During an eclipse do they think it’s cool to just, like, run around and kill things?


Images via the Associated Press, Time and Date, and Gizmodo.

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