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Lisa Frank Tattoos Are Here And We're Totally Buggin'

The nineties brought forth a host of iconic pop culture references—supermodels dominated the nightlife scene, cartoons were a Saturday morning tradition, and minimalism didn’t yet exist. Millennials can distinctly remember the first time they laid eyes on the colorful, gaudy sticker sets pawned off by 90s icon Lisa Frank. When back-to-school shopping rolled around in late August, the designer’s merchandise seemed to be everywhere—Lisa Frank pens, folders, T-shirts, kids’ makeup…you name it, Limited Too had it.

Lisa Frank’s colorful, fun, and whimsical merchandise instantly attracted every true 90s girl’s attention. And now, as those same 90s girls hit their mid-twenties, Lisa Frank tattoos are officially here—and they’re fucking amazing.

Gone are the monochromatic tattoos of yesteryear—these obnoxiously colorful and playful tattoos are giving us some serious 90s nostalgia. It’s the same concept as the beloved “Color Me Lisa Frank” coloring book…but on your body. This is one trend from the 90s that’s the stuff of dreams, rather than nightmares.

Images via Serena Star Photography, Pinterest, and Twitter

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