"Coachella - Woodstock In My Mind" is reminiscent of tumultuous times past.



Listen to Lana Del Rey's New Coachella-themed Track

Lana Del Rey‘s continuing her streak of stunning new music this morning with her latest track, “Coachella – Woodstock In My Mind”. The singer’s been using her platform to console the disparate youth that, under the new federal administration, are feeling uneasy about the world around them.

Lana’s timeless aesthetic and musical vibes are perfect for 2017 as they remind us that this isn’t the first time the general public, particularly the liberal-leaning individuals, have had to fight against their own president. She compares Coachella to Woodstock, singing:

I was at Coachella

Leaning on your shoulder

Watching your husband swing in time

I guess I was in it

‘Cause baby, for a minute

It was Woodstock in my mind

Lana’s new album Lust for Life is reportedly due out on May 26, 2017. Check out the new track below, and stay tuned for more Lana.

Featured image via Lana del Rey

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