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Jaden Smith X Louis Vuitton Womenswear Is Pure Gold

Louis Vuitton is headed towards the future. In their latest ad campaign, the fashion house’s creative director, Nicolas Ghesquière, is striving to create a world that combines reality and fantasy. In a slew of ads promoting the “Series 4” SS 16 collection, fashion lovers and gamers alike are enticed by a Final Fantasy-inspired campaign. But that was small potatoes compared to the brand’s biggest reveal yet: Jaden Smith.

Yesterday, January 3rd, Ghesquière proudly revealed the Bruce Weber-shot ads on his Instagram, stating, “Happy to introduce Jaden Smith in the new SS16 ad campaign.” In the latest pic, Jaden slays as he steals the spotlight from models: Jean Campbell, Rianne Van Rompaey, and Sarah Brannon. He’s killing it for multiple reasons: his glistening smooth brown skin, his dreaded high ponytail, and the fact that he’s completely comfortable working it in a leather jacket, knitted-fringe sweater and a sequined skirt.

Smith is the perfect muse, reinforcing fashion’s commitment to push boundaries, break the rules and provide shock value. Granted, Jaden isn’t the first to try and break the mold– non-binary activists continue to strive towards inclusivity and the opportunity to express themselves openly and freely, without their bodies becoming targets of hate and ignorance. This is significant in an era that promotes carefree black boys and girls, and gender fluidity. Jaden’s confidence and carefree personality are the icing on the cake of a campaign that’s going above and beyond gendered expectations.

Though not unfamiliar with causing controversy based on his style (which has included wearing a dress to prom and a Batman suit to Kimye’s nuptials), Jaden’s appearance in the Vuitton campaign is turning more heads than ever, as consumers troll the Instagram comments section, pondering whether or not they would allow their sons to wear dresses. Meanwhile, the star remains grateful.”Thank you so much [Louis Vuitton] and [Nicolas Ghesquière] for the opportunity to impact this world,” he wrote on his Instagram. Keep doing you, Jaden.

Stay tuned to Milk for more updates on our favorite young philosopher.

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