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Love Series <3: Elle + Trenton

Love has the power to transform anything; especially creativity.  This series features people who have seen their art flourish with the help of a loved one (be it romantic, platonic, or familial). Prior to social distancing regulations, we spoke to the NY-based couple, Elle Banes and Trenton ParrottNow, more than ever, we encourage all of our Milk fam to reach out to their communities and find the love and support within.

Who are you and what do you do?

Trenton Parrott: My name is Trenton Parrott —  I am a musician, making a mix of electronic, hip hop and rock. I’m also an artist expressing my art through fashion, modeling, and creative direction. 

Elle Banes: I’m Elle Banes — Me too except for the musician part. Laughs But I’m a writer, poet, and model, as well as an artist also inspiring people through my fashion.  

How did you two meet? How long have you been together?

TP: We met through mutual friends during fashion week, and we just ended up hanging out all the time as friends. This led to that and we have been together for 4 years on-and-off. 

What’s the first project you guys have worked on together?

TP: The first project we worked on was my first mixtape Heartbreak on Mars. We’ve worked countless times together previously through modeling for brands including Joyrich, Playboy, and Jordan, and walking for shows together, but I’d say the mixtape was our first time really creating something real together. 

How would you say your actual relationship differs from the version of it that people see online? 

TP: Our relationship is more real than you could tell online. We have a lot of deep conversations and discuss the future a lot more in person. 

EB: Yeah, like most people on the internet, you simply see pictures with no context. We’re a keep-to-ourselves type of couple. We argue a lot, but we make up a lot too. Our relationship is a crazy soap opera and it’s definitely not boring. Laughs

How would you say your creativity is influenced by one another? 

TP: Oh, a lot. We bounce ideas off each other all the time and really put our minds together on creative projects. 

EB: We’re extremely similar people, sometimes I feel like I’m dating myself! Trent is really the boy version of me so I can always come to him for advice and inspiration. It can be a blessing and a curse because we’re always trying to wear the same clothes. Laughs We definitely try to stay original so we always try to create and find ideas that haven’t been seen or done yet. 

What is the proudest creative moment you’ve felt for your partner?

TP: Well recently Elle was like on a huge billboard in Times Square and I could tell how much that meant to her and I was proud she made that to reality. 

EB: Mine was seeing Trent drop his first song and seeing that this is what he really wants to do. His art truly makes him happy, so seeing him put something he loves out into the world makes me deeply proud of him. I’m so proud to be a part of it. 

What do you really think it means to love someone? 

EB: What I think it means to love someone is to trust and support that person emotionally. That goes for friendships too.  Wanting to see that person at their healthiest and happiest place and supporting them on their journey there if they’re not there already. 

TP: My definition of love would be a feeling you can’t escape…but lowkey, what Elle said. She’s better at this stuff.




PRODUCERS: Merilyn Chang + Ella Jayes

STYLIST: Tavian D’Amore


Stay tuned to Milk for more love stories. 

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