The heiress is a lot smarter than you might think. Over the years, she's controlled every aspect of her career including her decline—and now, she'll be producing her own documentary.



Low-Key Mastermind Paris Hilton To Produce Her Own Documentary

When was the last time you thought about Paris Hilton? She dropped her hit single “Stars Are Blind” in 2006; the last episode of The Simple Life aired a year later; and after that, she sort of disappeared. Sure, she had a cameo in The Bling Ring—one of the scenes was filmed in her LA home, and the cast freaked out about her massive shoe collection. And yeah, sure, she gets paid millions of dollars to DJ at clubs in Ibiza and Miami, and even won an award for “best female DJ” in 2014. But over the years, it seems as if her fame has succumbed to the natural progression of celebrity: rise, peak, and the inevitable fall that comes when fans move on to someone newer, younger, and fresher.

The only difference is that Hilton seems to have steadily controlled and monitored her own decline. In fact, now, she may be doing better than ever: she has a perfume line with 19 fragrances, has opened Paris Hilton-branded shops around the world, owns a resort in the Philippines, and—as of yesterday—is slated to produce her own autobiographical documentary.

Know this: she WILL have the last laugh.

And it seems rather apt that Hilton, a woman who’s practically been controlling her image from the jump, would be producing a documentary about her life. Billed as an “unflinching, authorized documentary,” the film is being introduced to buyers at the Cannes film market. In the film, which has no title or release date as of yet, Hilton will discuss her fame, how being a celebrity has impacted her life, and the effect her image has had on young women today. And it might make for a more interesting film than most would expect; Hilton is, after all, arguably the world’s first reality TV star. She built an empire around an entirely fictitious, contrived character—and, in turn, fooled the world into thinking that she was little more than a dumb, baby-voiced heiress who didn’t know what Walmart was.

Although Hilton—who describes herself as “really shy”—is, for the most part, out of the public eye now, her influence remains. I mean, the girl basically pioneered the hyper-self-aware culture we’re so immersed in today. In the early aughts, before anyone could use social media to curate their own “brand,” Hilton was completely in control of her public persona, and of what parts of her we got to see and didn’t get to see. Not so vapid now, is she?

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