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1/8 — Photography by Mitchell McLennan.



The Clothes From LRS Studio Will Make You Want To Stay In Bed All Day

To the tune of grungy, new-wave ditties, the mulleted cuties modeling LRS Studio (their first time with MADE Fashion Week) looked slightly annoyed, but mostly just very good. Kind of like Julia Stiles from 10 Things I Hate About You, if she gently dipped her hair into a garbage disposal, wrapped herself in her sheets, and wasn’t afraid to show some cleavage.

For their Fall/Winter ’16 collection, LRS sourced fabric from actual bedding—mattresses, printed blankets, and fitted sheets—and then whipped them up into long, bright, and flowery overcoats; softly floral skirts; tightly quilted, white dresses and shirts with puffed sleeves; and white, muted brocade bottoms. Together, it made for quite the angelic sleepwalker—but there’s more to her too. Namely a darker, insomnia ridden side, which revealed itself in the salaciously styled overcoats and pajama shirts, as well as the slightly sinister, slightly punk mullets, and the sex flag earrings—made in collaboration with Sorelle, the jewelry label run by NYC designer and accessories mastermind Francesca Grosso. “Would a mullet look good on me? Or would I look like Joe Dirt’s mom?” was the question running through my head for most of the presentation. There’s only one way to know; in the meantime, take a quick gander at the cowboy-Victorian hybrid white boots. They kind of resemble the Miu Miu Spring/Summer ’12 boots, which I appreciate.

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