Fifth Element Director Wants You to Design His Next Costume

Attention aspiring designers: Director Luc Besson is giving you a chance to design for the galaxy’s finest and flashiest. He’s teamed up with EuropaCorp and Yahoo Style to give twenty unknowns a chance to have their work appear in his new movie, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.

Forgot how to breathe? It’s okay, we did too.

For those who have been adrift in the cold darkness of deep space for the past twenty years, Luc Besson is the director responsible for turning baby Natalie Portman into an assassin, as well as the band-aid dress obsession of the early 2000s. His movie The Fifth Element birthed a screaming, cheetah print clad Chris Tucker into the world. Needless to say, we’re sort of obsessed.

So majestic.
So majestic.

He painted the future in super saturation and head-to-toe Gaultier when everyone else went for the gritty and dark. Thus we’re sure that Valerian will be nothing short of a technicolored spectacle. It’s an adaptation of a series of French novels by the same name, and it stars Cara Delevingne and Dane Dehaan as intergalactic cops who are fa-la-la-la-falling in love while investigating a sketchy utopia. What’s not to like?

In a new video on the competition’s website, Besson notes that this is the biggest challenge of his life. “I do not want to do this alone,” he says. But that doesn’t mean that he’ll take just anyone; designers are encouraged to go all out. The costumes will be used during a party scene, where dignitaries of every shape and race in the universe will mix and mingle with stars both figurative and literal — so a vivid sense of imagination is definitely required. No pressure.

giphy (6)
JK. All the pressure.

Still, let’s not get too crazy. These costumes still have to be worn by an actual human being, so designers still have to make room for a head, two arms, and two legs. But as anyone who’s seen Besson’s work would know, human anatomy is hardly a limiting factor.

Give up some tentacle-monster-at-the-opera realness, perhaps?

Submissions are due November 27th, so there isn’t much time to beat around the bush. Go and get all that sweet, sweet exposure, you filthy animal.

You’re dismissed.

Photos via Tumblr, Reddit, Random Rocker and Giphy. 

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