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Luka Sabbat And HOTMESS Are Coming To Milk LA

After a successful art show at Milk Gallery in New York this past February, HOTMESS creatives Luka Sabbat, Noah Dillon, and Curtis Eggelston are back with a new HOTMESS exhibition, ‘Wherever, Whenever,’ this time at Milk LA. The innovative trio is keeping their mouths shut on what exactly we can expect from the exhibition, but one thing we know we can expect is some fire.

‘Wherever, Whenever’ is at Milk LA from October 27th-30th. Read our interview with Luka and Noah as they give us the down low on whats been happening inside Milk LA. 

What made you decide to have a show in LA since you just had one in New York a few months ago?

Luka Sabbat: Our last show was eight months ago, that’s way too long. From the beginning we wanted to do more than one show, have contacts, so now we’re trying to do one in Japan right after.

Noah Dillon: Even the merch for the New York show was “HOTMESS Worldwide”. We’ve always wanted to do it worldwide, and we had totally different content this time, except for one story. All the other images, like 90% of them, were new.

Aside from the content, how does it differ from the show in New York?

Sabbat: The vibes are different, the merch is different, the content is a slightly different aesthetic. We don’t want to give too much away because we want people to see it for themselves, but the energy is totally different. The space is way different, it’s a huge hanger as opposed to a smaller New York space.

Where does the name “Wherever, Whenever” come from?

Sabbat: When we first started HOTMESS we didn’t know where we were gonna do our shows, so we just decided wherever, whenever.

How did the idea for the show develop between the two of you?

Dillon: It was a natural extension. Like we said, we knew we had the New York plug already and we wanted to take it other places. We were so happy to have Rassi extend Milk LA to us. He offered it to us and we were like yeah, for sure!

Why did you decide to do all the shows with Milk, starting with New York and then staying with us out in LA?

Dillon: Rassi wanted to help, and we both had a lot to take from it. He gave us space and a place for us to put out all of our ideas and we could bring a new demographic of people to his space.

Sabbat: Milk and Rassi are all about young people, bringing young people on, so that’s why he did it. We’re definitely happy to work with him.

So what can people expect from the exhibition? What do you want people to get out of the show?

Sabbat: Wild West, that’s all we’re saying. There’s a really detailed narrative around this one, it relates to the Wild West but that’s all I really want to say right now. I don’t want to give people any information that would make them walk into there thinking they need to come away thinking any certain thing. You can have a reason why it’s bad or a reason why it’s good, it’s up to you. 

What’s the preparation been like for the show?

Dillon: Insanity. It’s pretty last minute, disorganized. Lack of communication, Luka and I running around. It’s gonna be fire though. It’s sick. It’s classic HOTMESS.

As young creatives, do you think you look at art, fashion, culture, etc differently, and how does that translate into the show?

Sabbat: We’re the most critical people. Not to be negative, but we think most of everything sucks. Also, we try not to look at art or what anybody else is doing. Also, when you look at other things used, you subconsciously pull information from that, so we don’t look at anybody else’s stuff in case we were to accidentally take anything from anyone.

Dillon: We just do whatever we think is cool and luckily we’re in a position where we can show what we think is cool rather than somebody telling us what we should do. I sound like a broken record, but the old heads over 30 just look at everything totally different. They’re in a different part of their life, it’s not even demeaning them or anything. They’re just in a totally different headspace. We’re pretty young still and in a totally different culture and timeline. Of course, we’re all going to interpret the information around us differently.

Who do you guys hope comes to the show, either a group of people or certain people?

Sabbat: Kids who wanna do stuff like us.

Dillon: Anybody’s invited, really. If you’re an old art collector, a young art collector. If you like photos or art, you should come. If you don’t, you should still come.

Anything else you guys wanna say before I let you go?

Sabbat: Expect a lot from us this year, a lot more galleries and content. We’re gonna surprise everyone, for sure. Shoutout to Milk, Rassi, thanks for everything you guys have done for us.

Images courtesy of Noah Dillon

Stay tuned to Milk for more HOTMESS. 

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