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Check Out This Wild Photo Series Of Lunch Breaks In The Seventies

Remember those glorious days when lunchtime at work actually meant going out into the world to eat a meal and socialize instead of sprinkling potato chip crumbs all over your keyboard while you catch up on emails? Yeah neither do we, because this is 2015, and being outside is sooooo passé. Thankfully, the memory of a chiller time lives on through Charles Traub’s newest photography book titled – what else – Lunchtime.

 The book compiles an incredible selection of photographs Traub took between 1977 and 1980 in Chicago, New York, and various European cities. Although, as the Kentucky-born photographer told Gothamist, “a majority [of the photos] were taken at the corners of 57th Street and 5th Avenue…the Village, around 6th Ave and 10th Street, and a few on upper Madison Avenue.”

The portraits are compelling and striking – with such intense close-ups that the subjects end up looking both caricaturesque and at ease. While there is no set plan on a Lunchtime exhibit so far, Traub’s book is excuse enough to take at least 30 minutes to ourselves and away from the computer. Like real humans.

Photos by Charles Traub

Buy a copy of Lunchtime here

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