Jon Snow and his luscious, luscious locks are inspiring men to get perms again.



Luscious Locks From 'Game Of Thrones' Are Making Perms Trendy Again

Even with mystical dragons and unthinkable supernatural happenings, Jon Snow’s luscious hair somehow remains the most magnificent feature on HBO’s Game of Thrones. And from the looks of it, fans of the medieval fantasy epic are starting to take note of the fab perm Kit Harrington (who plays Snow) rocks, going as far as to take pics of the award-winning English actor to their hairdressers and barbers to get their own taste of the highly popularized ’80s hairstyle.

“Game of Thrones'” Jon Snow is bringing back the man perm.

Can you blame these trend-thirsty men? Snow, who narrowly escaped death–once again–on a recent episode in season six, has repeatedly been deemed one of the sexiest men on TV, and his hair is undeniably part of the appeal. I mean, just take a minute to gawk at those glorious curls.

Perms, for the most part, are still thought to be pretty gross, due to the overrun mess the ’80s made of them. Luckily, the science and aesthetics behind a men’s perm have changed dramatically since then; instead of serving looks similar to Tom Hanks, who, despite being America’s actual sweetheart, will forever live in disgrace for sporting a bushy man perm for far too long, millennial men are now coupling their soft, loose curls with a high and tight undercut.

No more of this, please.

Harrington’s hairstyle craze has officially gone international; men spanning from Asia to the Americas can be spotted shamelessly posting pics of their Jon Snow replica hairdos on Twitter and Instagram. The takeover is so huge it’s giving the largely unrivaled “man bun” a fight for its money. And, honestly, that’s something we should all thank Harrington for.

Crazed fans wanting to steal the look from Snow no longer have to worry about burning their hair by endlessly teasing their wondrous locks; unleashing wild curls as great as their fav strongman now comes with a much healthier, hair-friendly process.

Hairdressers have learned that doing a “cold perm” permits the hair to breathe during the almost two hour treatment, making the hair’s wave most prominent when wet, and ultimately loose when dry. More importantly, going about a cold perm rather than a normal perm will help keep your locks as gorg as they need to be if you expect them to match up to Harrington’s voluminous locks.

THE “JON SNOW EFFECT”: Men Want Perms Again? Men around the world are flocking to their hair stylists to achieve the soft curls made popular by Game of Thrones heartthrob actor Kit Harington who portrays hero Jon Snow. While Jon Snow’s parentage may be a mystery, the appeal of Snow’s mane of tumbling locks is not. The key to making this perm look more Game of Thrones instead of Purple Rain is that the stylist will use extra-large perm rods. The end result is loose curls that gently frame the face, instead of tight curls that look pinched and dry. USA Today spoke to Diana Schmidtke, a professional men’s stylist who explained that this is not a repeat of the cheesy 80s New Wave look that dominated the early days of MTV. “The stigma against the perm goes back to the big hair of the ’80s. And you can see now they’re using very large perm rods, which give looser curls.” Kit Harington already has very naturally curly hair that needs to be relaxed. These locks are natural to the GOT actor. What do you think? Paired with an undercut…the “man perm” actually becomes a thing again! #gameofthrones #jonsnowhair #jonsnow #manperm #perms #perming #permhair #menshair #hairtrends #grooming #hairstyle #hairofinstagram #hairgoals #instahair #hairdressing #barbering #barberlife

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It’s unclear whether or not this is a trend to be picked up by masses, as Harrington is naturally #blessed with curly hair. In the end, the style’s upkeep may prove to be too consuming for everyday Game of Thrones fans. Worst comes to worst, you end up looking like Justin Timberlake back in 2001 and have to wear a hat till your hair falls flat again — the choice is in your hands.

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