Famous socialites Peter and Harry Brant, sons of supermodel Stephanie Seymour, have collaborated with the always-progressive MAC cosmetics on a gender-neutral makeup line.



MAC Collaborates W/ Brant Brothers On Flawless Unisex Makeup

Is the concept of makeup only ever exclusive to just women? In the big pool that is the beauty industry, it seems like the standards have always been that way–drag queens are amazing at makeup, but they unfortunately don’t star in loads of beauty campaigns. However, in recent years, individual brands have been taking more strides to enforce the values of diversity within their products. MAC Cosmetics is one of those companies.

MAC is well known for their high profile, unexpected collaborations. In the past couple of years, they’ve done collections with artist Cindy Sherman, Wonder Woman, and an instantly sold-out collab with Rihanna. For a company that aims to push the boundary of what is expected of modern cosmetics, it comes to no surprise that they would premiere a unisex collection. After all, MAC has always been progressive; their long-running Viva Glam campaign, from which proceeds are donated to men, women, and children affected with HIV/AIDS, has featured spokespeople ranging from RuPaul to Miley Cyrus. So it’s no surprise that they’ve released a gender neutral collection in collaboration with NYC socialites Peter and Harry Brant.

Last fall, the brand collaborated on a few select products with the Brant Brothers. The boys are major local celebs; they’re the sons of famed ’90s supermodel Stephanie Seymour and zillionaire Peter Brant Sr. On June 2nd, they’ll release a full collection in MAC stores (it’s available online now) including a variety of eyeliners, neutral eye shadows, lip colors and a brow gel.

The product line up.
The product line up.

The two young men, no strangers to the modeling world, have spoken out about the need for men’s vanity and gender fluidity in the cosmetics industry. The brothers recently spoke to Pop Sugar about their collaboration, in an interview which revealed that the legendary Pat McGrath taught them to do makeup and that revisited the time they brought a baby panther covered in diamonds to the Met Ball. “Men’s vanity has always been something that’s looked down on,” said Peter. “But I don’t see it as vanity so much as a way to project the best version of yourself to the world.”

In an industry where the primary customer is almost always oriented for the female consumer, it is enlightening and important for a brand to recognize their growing audiences. MAC is solidly acknowledging the values that this generation is concerned with. Makeup remains is a malleable tool that should be for everyone; it’s something that embraces and enhances personal identity, especially in 2016, when the standard of what constitutes beauty is continuously becoming redefined. Thank you MAC, for showing us how it’s done.

Images via MAC

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