Mac Miller talks stupid tattoos, his new album, and his low-key hope to be an English teacher (that is, if rapping doesn't work out).



Mac Miller On His Stupid Tattoos & How to Treat Women

We’ve never been huge fans of surprises— especially ones that involve anything remotely close to a clown. But we’re willing to make exceptions, particularly for ones that are notably pleasant. Take Mac Miller, whom we had the pleasure of sitting down with for a little tête-à-tête. To call the entire interview a surprise would be putting it lightly. Not because we don’t expect rappers to be that nice, but more so because we don’t expect anyone to be that nice. For the 22 minutes and 32 seconds that we spoke to Miller, he offered up so many quotable remarks and one-liners that we could barely fit them all in the story. So to honor our new friend and the release of his fresh-sounding album, The Divine Feminine, we’ve compiled the ones that didn’t make the first cut. Read below.

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His top three tips for treating a significant other

“Trust, respect—I’m still on three words—and reciprocity.”

On his tattoos

“I love the shit by the wrist, this crown is a big one… I have a full leg dedicated to just stupid tattoos. My cousin was getting his first tattoo and I was like, ‘Look, dude, it’s not a big deal—I’ll get a blue brontosaurus.’ So I have this big-ass blue brontosaurus. That’s my dog. And then I have a kangaroo with boxing gloves that says ‘based.’”

“Sometimes, with tattooing, people get too lost in the meaning. I’m more of [a] remember-the-moment [type of] person.”

“I have Daniel Johnston—’Hi, how are you’ —riding the yellow submarine. That’s one of my favorites.”


On working with director Rex Arrow

“It’s weird because I’m 24 and it’s like… 32 videos, with the same guy?… He was one of the biggest blessings I ever had in my career.”

The meaning behind “the divine feminine,” the name of his new album

“It’s when you’re past seduction. It’s about what’s in the soul and what’s in the mind.”

If he weren’t rapping, he’d be…

“Bro, I’d probably be a teacher. I don’t know [what subject]—I’d hate to say, like, English. But probably an English teacher. I’d want to work my way up in the ranks. I’m a big go-through-it type of person, I don’t want to skip steps, and I would approach teaching in the same way. Like I would eventually want to be a high school English teacher, maybe a college professor. My English teachers were always my favorite.”

Dang Malcolm. Album coming: 9-16-16

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On Drumpf

“You know what I realized is this whole [Drumpf] campaign is based off Google Analytics—like there’s two random dudes they pulled from Bing or Ask Jeeves and they’re sitting there like, ‘Man, how can we get this guy to be talked about more today?’ Like, ‘Well, let’s have his wife use the same speech [as Michelle]. Everyone will talk about that.’ And it’s fucking working.”

On his various aliases

“When I first started recording in L.A., Larry Dollas was my name on the computer so no one knew what it was, and I just started putting ‘Larry’ on everything. There are so many facets of the human identity that I love exploring creatively and over exposing.”

How he would describe Mac Miller in three words

“Crazy, sexy, cool. [Laughs] Has that been done? … Here, feel, and love.”

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