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2 Chainz Kicked Off MADE FW With a Traphouse Rager

Last night, the Milk Jam Room kicked off MADE Fashion Week a few hours early with our signature rager. DJ Esudd and AMS kicked things off with some serious slaps that fit perfectly with the traphouse aesthetic that the Trapavelli mob brought to the basement. Abandoned stoves sat in the corner and set the tone as partiers swayed and drank from baby bottles full of Lean Lite. Surgical masks were the go-to accessory as the air filled with the unmistakable scent of marijuana and spray paint. The paint was wafting over from a huge canvas in the corner half-covered with lazily painted lines. We figured the artist had given up halfway through to suck down some lean and sink into the couch for the rest of the night. Boxes of baking soda shook to the beat on stovetops and baggies of crack rocks began to get snatched up like vodka sodas at the open bar.  In the interest of science and curiosity, we swiped a rock and gave it a taste test. It was a sugar cube but we still loved it. As people waved their bottles in the air and a mix of throwbacks poured out of the speakers, the scene felt more like an afterhours daycare rager than a standard fashion week party. As the room began to fill up ahead of the arrival of the artist formerly known as Tity Boi, we spotted a host of familiar faces. MADE Fashion Week founder Mazdack Rassi, fashion editors Jillian Mercado and Kate Lanphear, photographer Carlos Santollala, model Shaun Ross, and rapper iLoveMakonnen let loose and drank up until whispers of the infamous rapper and master chef coming down the steps into the basement spread through the crowd like a haze.

When his Trapavelli mob parted the crowd like the Red Sea, a towering figure dressed in a KTZ cape that was fit for a hike across the Andes Mountains appeared with a blunt in hand. The towering figure of trap energy set the room’s vibe on fire as people pushed and pulled their way to the front of the crowd while he lit up and observed the scene. Drinks spilled and the air got thick with smoke as Tity Boi fired through a familiar litany of bangers that ranged from the infamous “Birthday Song” and “I’m Different” to throwback hits from his first albums. It was one big reminder of why he was the go-to for a good old-fashioned traphouse rager. As his set wound down and he slid off to grab some lean, the DJs started up a new set of jams and the crowd thinned to go home (or go to afters) before the sun rose on another unforgettable start to fashion week.

Images shot exclusively for Milk by Samuel Trotter, Raven Varona, and Elijah Dominique. 

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